Children in need clothing,Purple heart donations,Wounded veterans charities Want to Know How to Have a Positive Impact in Your Community? Here’s What You Need to Donate

Want to Know How to Have a Positive Impact in Your Community? Here’s What You Need to Donate

Donate goods to charity

Did you know that Americans throw out between 12 and 13 million tons of clothing and textiles each year? And that’s only what’s counted, so there is a possibility that the amount of fabric going to waste each year is even higher. Not only is this bad for the environment when all of this waste winds up in landfills, but it’s also a big problem for your fellow man and woman. Instead of throwing used clothing in the trash, it could instead by donated to help others in need.

One group who can especially benefit from gently used clothing donations are veterans. There are many wounded veterans charities and organizations focused on helping families in need, and they often collect clothing for those who live in poverty. Some of these individuals, both military families and veterans and those who aren’t associated with the military, might even be living on the streets. No matter which population is in need, however, doesn’t matter — clothing donations for veterans and civilians are always sought after by charity organizations.

There are two major ways that clothing donations for veterans and other people can have an impact on your community. The first is the human impact — those who are in need greatly appreciate the donations of clothing they’ve been given. This clothing is either provided at no cost or at a low cost, and that money then goes back to the charity to help others.

The second type of impact is environmental: because this clothing is now being reused, it won’t pollute our land. Pollution is one of the biggest killers in the world, so the less we throw away, and the more we reuse, the better chance we have in helping our communities stay clean. Old clothing accounts for up to 5% of waste in the U.S., so it’s essential to curb this issue as much as possible.

Have you ever helped your community with clothing donations for veterans or families in need? Tell us about how you’ve made a positive impact in the world in our comments section!

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