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Donations of Clothing How it Works and Who Benefits

Charitable clothing donations

When donating clothing or other items to a charity organization, there are many things to consider. Some wonder about the best charities to donate to, and really, there are plenty of charities that can help others in your community. The most important thing to figure out when deciding where to send donations of clothing and other items is to determine which charities in your area are helping the widest range of people. Because some charities serve specific populations, you’ll also want to ensure that the people the group claims to help actually receive that help.

When it comes to donations of clothing, there are typically two ways in which the used clothing donations are utilized. The first is the most obvious: donating directly to the people who need it most. Many charities specialize in helping families in need or serving other individuals. This clothing helps to clothe men, women, and children who need it. While some recipients of this clothing are homeless, others may be families and individuals who are in economic need.

The other use for donations of clothing is that charitable organizations will sell them in thrift stores. This may sound counter-intuitive when it comes to donating to charity, but it actually makes perfect sense. The clothing gets sold to thrift stores (roughly 20% of all donations), and the profits go to those local charities. In this way, your clothing donations are sold with the proceeds going to others, and sometimes those who are being helped by those charities also work in the shops that sell used clothing. This puts money in their pockets and still goes to help others, too: a win-win!

Other charities use items to directly feed, house, and furnish the homes of those who are in need. Even if you don’t have any used clothing donations to give, there are other household items and foods you can donate. You can also donate money to charities, as every little bit helps. And if you have the time, you can volunteer with an organization, too. You may sort through clothing donations, serving food, cleaning, or working directly with the populations who require assistance.

Each year, approximately 70% of Americans donate to charity. However, just imagine what could be accomplished if everyone gave a little bit. If you want to find out more about getting involved with your local charities, be sure to speak with a representative from your region’s charity organizations. You can also leave us a comment if you are interested in getting involved with a charity organization and you aren’t sure where to begin.

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