Charities that will pick up donations,Charity pick up,Support for military families Staying Charitable and Supporting Our Troops On a Budget

Staying Charitable and Supporting Our Troops On a Budget

Charities that will pick up donations

American children are helping U.S. troops — in very little time and without paying any money, too! How are they doing it? Teachers and parents are helping kids draft short, simple letters, Christmas cards, and/or birthday cards to vets. “Thanks for protecting our country. [You] must be very brave joining the military. They say a man looks handsome in uniform. My favorite food is chicken wings, and I like to hang out with my friends,” the beginning of one little girl’s letter begins.

Believe it or not, it can be just as simple for adults to support our troops and/or commit to helping military families. What are some budget-friendly and pain-free ways to give back to U.S. soldiers?

Donate Clothes (No Gas Money Required!)

An increasing number of charities pick up clothing donations directly from your home. That’s right! You can donate without spending money on gas and without even changing out of your pajamas (unless you really want to). Likewise, some charities establish communal pickup locations — like schools, churches, grocery stores, and office buildings. In other words, these charities will pick up donated items from places you are already likely to go.

Get Everyone In On It

Gather friends, family, and neighbors and work together to organize a group charity event, such as a summer barbecue or a potluck dinner. Dividing up the work should help keep it light and manageable for everyone. Ask everyone involved — and the people who attend — for an optional donation to charity, or collect clothing and/or canned food items to donate.

Offer To Lend a Hand

For some, asking for help can be one of the most difficult things to do. We live in a society that promotes self-reliance and independence and, for that reason, most people are hesitant to admit that they need help. Proactively offer to lend a hand to ease some of the tension. Create creative coupons offering to mow their lawn or babysit for one night, one military mom suggests.

Help military families and U.S. soldiers — without paying large sums of money. Organize a group event with friends and family, find charities that pick up clothing donations, or ask a military spouse how you can help.

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