Can you attend a funeral online,Live stream funeral services,Live streamed funerals 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Live Stream Funeral Service

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Live Stream Funeral Service

Regardless of how we’ve prepared ourselves, losing a loved one is always a disheartening experience. It’s something that we have no control over.

A funeral service is an opportunity to give formal closure, express condolences, and send off a deceased loved one with lots of love. Ideally, you’d want everyone who knows your loved one to attend the service.

But how do you organize a funeral service when most of the attendees are in another country? Studies show that 9 out of 10 services held today have loved ones who are unable to attend.

Live stream funerals offer a chance for the bereaved to express their gratitude and love even if they’re far away.

Safety is one of its obvious benefits. Read further and get to know why live stream funerals are a better choice these days.

1. Accessible for Everyone
Even before COVID-19, relatives who are staying in another state or country usually have a hard time attending a funeral in person. In most cases, bereavement leaves are only granted to those who have lost an immediate family member. It becomes even harder for friends.

Fortunately, our technology these days have already advanced to a stage where you can live stream videos with the best quality. Everyone is so used to this already. Watching news broadcasts, live streams, or even attending meetings online has become a norm.

Churches and funeral services now offer this as well. They’ll set up the hardware for you as well as the platform to use in broadcasting it.

Friends and relatives can pay their respects even if they’re not physically present. They won’t be missing the opportunity of saying their final goodbye.

2. Lessens the Burden of Accommodation
Let’s be practical here. You’re already going through a lot. Organizing rooms for your guests to stay at, as well as their food, can be a lot to bear during this time.

When live streaming a funeral, you don’t even have to prepare snacks or entire meals. You don’t have to think about pleasing the uncles or aunties with their comfort food.

It’s not a way of escaping responsibility, but quite the opposite actually. You’re accommodating everyone, friends, and relatives, without having to over-extend yourself.

3. Better Way to Share Memories
Live streaming offers a better way to share fun memories of your deceased loved one. You can collate videos and photos of the best moments and have it playing continuously on one part of the screen.

Everyone gets the see this and reminisce the good times in HD quality.

You can also record your greeting to all attendees beforehand and have it played as soon as they join the stream. You won’t have to repeat yourself over and over again, explaining the reasons why the unfortunate circumstance had to happen.

4. Safer Approach During Pandemic
In this time of the pandemic, it’s better to avoid traveling and going to crowded places.

Live streaming a memorial can help your relatives and friends stay safe at home while attending. It will give everyone a chance to say their farewell without having to worry about their own health.

Since the event is being broadcasted privately online, you can celebrate the life of the one who passed away with ease.

5. You Can Save the Entire Event
How many times have we always thought about how our great grandfather lived? Wouldn’t it be nice if we can watch and see how he celebrated his life?

Saving the live stream for posterity can help keep your loved one alive in your memories, even for future generations.

Also, don’t discount the possibility for a family or friend not being able to join the webcast at the time of the service. That’s why saving a live streamed funeral can help them say their farewell at a later date.

Live Stream Funerals Make It Easier
51% of people say that having a funeral is an important tradition in life. Live stream funerals give people the chance to express their condolences and be with their loved ones who passed away in the final moments. Everyone can get to attend the service and say their final goodbye.

Speak to your Funeral Director about options for funeral web casting. They usually have different packages to offer including the streaming platform they’ll use and the privacy options.

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