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Choosing the Right Baby Blanket for Cuddling and Swaddling

If you thinking of a perfect receiving gift for first-time moms, look no further than luxury baby blankets. These blankets are designed with not only beauty in mind but also usefulness when it comes to bathing or swaddling your baby. They are comfy and fluffy in design, adding warmth and coziness that promotes infant sleep while breathing a sense of style to your baby crib. In addition to cuddling and swaddling, baby blankets are also used for changing baby diapers and cleaning up baby related spills like food, urine or mucus.

Now with your child growing older from an infant to a toddler, you may need to consider buying them unique baby blankets for comfort and security. The best thing about the luxury baby blanket is that you can use it as a hand towel because of its size and softness.

Types of Newborn Blankets

When choosing the best cashmere baby blanket remember that they come in different styles and it’s often a challenge to pick one because they’re all beautiful and useful. Cashmere baby blanket is made with a supremely soft fiber with satin edges and embroidered flowers. Some modern designs will feature fun and attractive patterns, colors, and prints for an even luxurious look. This type of luxury baby blanket is perfect for cuddling and keeping your baby warm, as well as being an essential decorative element in a nursery.

If you want a more personalized newborn gift, consider a handmade crochet baby blanket or monogrammed blanket with baby’s name or photos. This blanket adds an element of lacy decoration on your nursery and comes in a range of styles to choose from.

Baby Blanket Swaddling

A luxury baby blanket can double up as a towel after bathing baby as they are made from softer and comfy material than regular towels. This blanket is also useful when it comes to swaddling a baby. Newborns enjoy being swaddled using a fluffy and cozy blanket as it makes them feel safe and loved. This enables them to remain calm and sleep soundly. But how do you swaddle your baby?

The first thing to do when swaddling a baby is to ensure the blanket is fully spread and folded on one corner. Place the baby on the blanket with the head facing up and on the folded corner. Now take the left-hand corner of the blanket and cover the baby, then tuck it under. Using the bottom of the blanket, wrap it around the baby’s feet and finally wrap the right side of the blanket over the baby and tuck it under, similar to what you did with the left-hand corner of the blanket. During swaddling, avoid covering your child’s face and the wrap should not be too tight for comfort.

While some babies enjoy being swaddled and the feeling of snugness, some babies will find this disturbing and often indicate it by crying, restlessness and tossing away the blanket.

High end baby blankets are ideal for different climates and occasions. You can have a fleece blanket perfect for the beach and it’s essential for keeping the baby warm when the weather grows cool. A flannel quilt is particularly important for cuddling your baby back to sleep at night while a cashmere baby blanket makes the perfect receiving gift.

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