Child with a disability,Down syndrome disability A Look At Down Syndrome In The American Population

A Look At Down Syndrome In The American Population

Here in the United States, we are learning more and more about different genetic conditions with each passing year. Down Syndrome is one of those conditions and celebrating Down Syndrome with the more we learn about it has been something that we have been able to do more and more with the passage of time. Down Syndrome is one of many disabilities that can be diagnosed before a baby is ever even born, as prenatal screening has advanced to the point where such things are possible.

Getting a probable diagnosis of Down Syndrome before your baby has ever been born is a difficult thing, and one that parents to be struggle with a great deal indeed. It means a very different life than the one that you likely envisioned for yourself. There is no denying the fact that this is something that can be very hard to come to terms with. With time, however, you will likely find yourself celebrating Down Syndrome and celebrating your child for all their unique parts and pieces, Down Syndrome included.

Raising a child with Down Syndrome is something that many people take on, as up to about 6,000 babies are born with a Down Syndrome disability in the United States over the span of one single year. This means that you have, on average, about a 1 in 700 likelihood of having such a child. Understanding your risk factors can help to make the prospect of parenting a child with Down Syndrome easier to come to terms with. For instance, older mothers are more likely to have a child with Down Syndrome than mothers who are having their children earlier on in life.

First of all, it’s important to note that celebrating Down Syndrome is very much possible, and that having a child with a disability is far from the end of the world. After all, disability is likely more prevalent in our world than you even realize. As a matter of fact, up to 10% of the entire population of our planet has some type of a disability, though the range seen in these disabilities is quite immense. If you’re having a child with any disability, doing enough education on the topic is something that is hugely important, as education on Down Syndrome will make celebrating Down Syndrome all the easier.

For one thing, celebrating Down Syndrome becomes much easier when you realize that a diagnosis of Down Syndrome is far from a death sentence. Though people with Down Syndrome still face a shorter life expectancy than the average person, their average lifespan is very much on the rise. Recent data that has been gathered on the subject has even shown that the average person with Down Syndrome will live at least until their sixties. In more and more cases, however, people with Down Syndrome are living well past that point, even reaching their eighties.

Of course, it is important to still be very aware of the health problems that your child is at a risk for as a result of having Down Syndrome. For instance, having a heart condition is commonly associated with Down Syndrome. In many cases, a child with Down Syndrome might even need heart surgery, sometimes very early on in their lives. Fortunately, heart issues with Down Syndrome are well known and are becoming more and more possible to treat as time passes on. Making sure that your child with Down Syndrome lives a healthy lifestyle is another great way to ensure that you are celebrating Down Syndrome in as many ways possible.

Celebrating Down Syndrome is a journey that many parents have embarked on already – and something that many more will embrace in the future. People with Down Syndrome are to be cherished as any other person would be, and accepting people with Down Syndrome as they are is one of the best ways to celebrate Down Syndrome around. At the end of the day, getting a Down Syndrome diagnosis is not something to fear. While Down Syndrome certainly poses its challenges, there are always many ways to go about celebrating Down Syndrome as well. For many people with loved ones with Down Syndrome, celebrating Down Syndrome is a daily thing.

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