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How to Care for Your Cashmere Baby Blankets Tips for First-Time Mothers

The fancy designs, fluffy nature, and plush texture of cashmere blankets make them an exceptional beauty for kids’ coats. The best cashmere baby blanket is often made from unique cashmere wool found in Central Asia, India, and China. These blankets are a premium baby gift for your newborn, and this post presents their benefits and care.

What Are the Benefits of Cashmere Baby Blankets?

Cashmere baby blankets can keep your child warm and comfortable in cold weather. Also, these blankets have the following advantages:

High durability: cashmere baby blanket can last for many years, and even when the baby outgrows it, the blanket can be passed to its siblings. Cashmere blankets don’t pill or unravel easily.

Cashmere wool is breathable: The best cashmere baby blanket should be breathable and capable of retaining your child’s body heat in cold times. They can also maintain a comfortable level of temperature in warm weather without subjecting your child to too much heat.

A wide array of design choices: Cashmere baby blankets come in various designs, sizes, and colors, and you can’t miss a design that is pleasing to your eyes. You can also personalize the blanket’s design by the use of embroidery or make custom orders from specialty boutiques.

Soft to the touch: Cashmere baby blankets are smooth, and they can’t irritate the sensitive skin of your baby.

How to Clean and Care for Your Best Cashmere Baby Blanket

Cashmere blankets can be hand washed or machine-washed. But the frequent need to clean a baby’s blanket makes it less practical to use a machine to clean cashmere baby blankets. Here are the cleaning steps to follow.

• You can wash the blanket by hand or machine. You should use a little detergent or cashmere shampoo that is ideal for woolen fabrics. Avoid the use of bleaches and fabric softeners. On the washing machine, choose the wool settings and temperature not higher than 30°C and a spin rate of 400/500 “turns.”

• Avoid twisting the blanket to wring water out of it and don’t soak cashmere baby blankets.

• When drying the blanket, you should lay it on a towel and fold and press it to get rid of excess water. Avoid wringing the blanket. After that, you should put the blanket flat on a drying area without direct sunlight.

• When the blanket dries up, you should iron it on low heat without pressing or stretching the blanket. Place a towel or a piece of cotton cloth between the cashmere blanket and your iron box to protect the blanket’s fabric from heat damage.

More Care Tips for Your High-End Baby Blankets

Use Vinegar to Remove Musty Odors: Odors from pets, insects, and other kinds of dirt and fluids can stick to your best cashmere baby blanket. You should clear such odors to prevent potential allergic reactions. The use of a quarter cup of vinegar is ideal in odor removal. You’ll need to sock the blanket for at least 15 minutes, and then wash it as recommended.

Remove Any Stains Early: It’s advisable to clean any stains on cashmere blankets as soon as possible to prevent permanent staining. Settled stains are hard to remove, and it is not advisable to use some rubbing force or hot water to try and remove the stains because such procedures can damage the fragile cashmere fibers. The hot water may cause felting and shrinking. Too much rubbing makes the fabric to lose shape. Instead, use a gentle stain remover and some cold water.

You should keep your best cashmere baby blanket clean to ensure it lasts and serves as the perfect gift for any first-time mother. Cashmere blankets have fine fibers that need proper care and cleaning. Proper cleaning and care also remove terrible odor, bacteria, and harmful chemicals that can cause allergies and weaken the blanket’s fabric.

The U.S had 3,853,472 newborn babies in 2017. If you’re joining the group of families with toddlers that need some pampering, then buy baby cashmere products because they will be premium baby gifts for your child.

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