Craftsman living room,Rug,Sets for living rooms Expert Tips on Choosing Mission Style Furniture

Expert Tips on Choosing Mission Style Furniture

When it comes to home renovations, interior designers suggest a change after five to ten years. You want to change everything, including table lamps, dining table, bedroom and living room furniture. Among the many available styles in a furniture store is the mission style, which is also referred to like arts and crafts style furniture.

In the past, mission style furniture was made out of white or red oak wood. Joseph McHugh, who was a furniture maker from New England, was the first to invent the phrase mission style furniture. While in San Francisco, CA, he saw a chair in a church whose design motivated him to launch his own set of identical furniture.

The arts and crafts style furniture is known for its simplicity, elegance, and leather upholstery. Over time, the style has been used both in home and office furniture. This article highlights a few tips on selecting the mission style of furniture.

1. Perfectly Designed Materials

The manufacturing of all mission-style furniture, including rugs, dressers, desks, and table lamps, is meticulously done with great emphasis on functionality. With all standard measures in the craftsmanship, the items are designed and perfectly finished. Top-quality work is the ultimate goal in the fabrication of arts and crafts style furniture.

Whether you are looking to buy table lamps, dressers, or bed frames, any mission furniture store will offer a wide selection that will fit in all home set-ups. One feature that is common with this style is the simple straight frames and natural hardwood. The two elements contribute to the longevity of the furniture and showcase the skillful workmanship involved in the finished product.

2. Focus on the Details

Arts and crafts style furniture are generally substantial and heavy as they are made from solid wood. Since the products are custom-made, one item may be slightly different from another. The unique level of craftsmanship is dedicated to producing top of the line quality items.

Towards this end, most products like office sets are put together using metal fasteners and glue. Veneers decorate the smooth surfaces such as desk sides and top up the weight of the furniture. The use of sandpaper and three layers of lacquer gives the products a subtle finish.

3. Artistry and Quality

Homeowners tend to become emotionally attached to the furniture placed in their homes, particularly those that are unique and crafted right. There is a broad scope of mission style living room furniture that can enliven the atmosphere in the house. From the Stickley rugs to the vinyl floor cloth, you can select a variety of items that are in line with your individual preference.

Rugs that are knitted by hand can spur a color theme and bring out a specific style in the room. These rugs can also be used in spacious rooms to create a distinction in areas like the dining and living room. In the same way, wooden floors and fixed wood features add to the overall beauty of the house, so do mission rugs.

4. Exceptional Authenticity

The distinct vertical and horizontal lines make the mission style of furniture a different design. There are limited curves, and any carvings on the items assume the shape of the average one-dimensional seam. Typically, the office furniture is dark stained, heavy, and well proportioned.

Most of the mission chairs for sale have a horizontal plank set on the surface where you relax your back. The conventional method applied in Arts and Crafts involves very few decorations on the mission style furniture, including table lamps. Where white oak is used, the tones applied are nut-brown, light brown, and silver-gray.

If you intend to buy mission style table lamps or any other similar product, watch out for the marker’s mark to determine the authenticity. Close to all authentic items have a label, tag, or burn mark. Every time you walk into a mission furniture store, you can be sure of top-quality products that will retain its classy profile even in the coming years.

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