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How to Hire a Care Giver for Your Parent

There are some decisions that you make in life that remain echoless. However, other choices might haunt you forever, like choosing a caregiver for your parents.

It becomes more complicated when your loved ones want in-home caregiving and not to reside in a clinic. Besides, your parents have been living in that house for their lifetime and taking them away will most likely be against their wish.

The conditions of your loved one will determine the time you will hire a caregiver. So, you might need half a day or 24-hour care.

When Do You Need Hourly Care Services?

When you are working, you have a few hours to care for your parents. But, you should know you are part of 29% of U.S population that provide care to their parents for at least 20 hours a week. Indeed, you haven’t covered all the 168 hours of the week. Unquestionably, you will need a qualified caregiver to provide care to your chronically ill or disabled parent for the rest of the hours.

However, you must consider the quality of the services that will be provided and the experience of the caregiver.

How Do You Find A Care Giver?

To hire a caregiver in Oxford, you can choose an individual or an agency. Whichever option you prefer, ensure the caregiver is qualified. However, to achieve your goal, consider hiring someone that was referred to you by a reliable source.

Hiring a caregiver through an agency is stress less, mainly because the agency processes the paperwork and other legal requirements.

Care Giving Arrangements

To start with, you will need to pay the caregiver based on the hours she works. However, you can use other arrangements such as “shift” or “per diem” rate apart from the hourly care. You might want to consider the regulations on minimum wage in your area.

There are also cases where the caregiver will be an independent contractor who has to files taxes at the end of the year. In such a case, you might want to keep a payroll.

Another thing to consider is the services the caregiver will provide. It may include meal planning, cooking, and feeding your parent. By now, you might be realizing why a qualified caregiver is necessary. The caregiver should prepare a balanced meal and follow doctors’ instructions to the letter.

Some foods restrict the functionality of medicine. So, unless the caregiver knows that, the condition of your loved one might remain unchanged or grow worse.

Also, if your parents require full-time caregiving, you need to consider life in care. It will allow the caregiver to stay at your parents’ house, providing hourly care throughout. Therefore, ensure there is a room for the caregiver and that she is comfortable.

Another point often overlooked is the feeling of the patient towards the caregiver. It is essential to ask your parents to weigh in on your choice because they might not like a “stranger” in their house.

Preparing Job Description

Suppose you require hourly care for your loved one. Unless you specify that to your caregiver, she will never know. So, when you hire hospice care in Oxford, give the details of your patient. That includes safe bathing, meal preparations, and other needs your patient need. When you specify what you need, it gets delivered. Besides, when you hire someone and fail to specify the tasks, you’ll assume they are not qualified.

Ask for Opinions on Care-Giving Services

You are probably the primary caregiver of your parents’. But, when hiring companion aides Anniston, agree with your family members. There must be an agreement among all of you because you might need to pay for caregiving services as a family. Even if you can afford it alone, communication is key to opening opportunities, you might be lucky to cost-sharing.

Also, conduct a background check for your caregiver and be open when interviewing them. Ensure you get all the details you require.

Take Away

Parents are the greatest gifts, and at their old age, you need to care for them even better than they cared for you while you were a kid. So, invest in qualified caregiving services.

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