Finding the Best Housekeeper

There are some people who are naturally gifted at the art of cleaning. They even enjoy it. All of us have moments where we have a little fun while cleaning; it’s alright to admit it. But it’s equally OK to admit that you’d rather do anything than clean. Maybe it’s because you’re too busy. When you spend all day working and trying to scrape together enough money to make a living, the last thing you want to do when you get home is clean. Or when you come home for the weekend, you may rather sit back and enjoy your home than clean it. Or perhaps you would prefer to go out with family and loved ones instead of pick up around the house. Everyone has their reasons for not wanting to clean, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The question is how do you go about choosing the right cleaning professionals? Does it matter what kind of housekeeper you pick to clean your home? Well, it turns out it certainly does. Here are some things you can look for while shopping for the right housekeeper.

Make Sure They Use “Clean” Cleaning Products

How can a cleaning product be “unclean”? When it makes the environment dirty; that’s how. When people clean, they have an obligation to do so responsibly. Doing anything else is selfish and short-sighted. We can all think of places that have suffered from water pollution, litter, or the degradation of the environment. Too often, people who clean feel they have only a limited obligation to help contribute to the reversal of the trends that are hurting the planet. This, however, is errant thinking. You can find housekeepers that engage in green cleaning, and still get great service.

House cleaning doesn’t give someone the leeway to beautify the home while polluting the areas around it. There are specific elements of the local ecosystem that are going got suffer more than others from pollutant-laden cleaning products. The water table is especially vulnerable. House keeping needs to involve not just “keeping” the house but keeping the environment as well. When selecting a housekeeper, get one that uses the right products. Ask about the kinds of products they use, and inquire about what’s in them. If you don’t know about the effects of a certain chemical, look it up. Do your research. You may also have to politely check to make sure the housekeeper uses the products they claim to. Some products that are harmful to the environment can clean very well and save time, so they may be tempted to cut corners.

Choose One with Experience

Even though nearly anyone can learn to clean a house, that doesn’t mean the job will be done well. There are many intricate pieces to properly cleaning a home, and the right housekeeper with the best experience is going to know how to navigate this tricky territory. For example, what is the best way to deal with dead animal odor removal? What about typical pet odor removal or smoke odor? Some of these tough smells can present a challenge to an inexperienced housekeeper. Therefore, you will want to choose someone with a solid portfolio of experience.

Service Matters

A good housekeeper is much more than someone who comes in, cleans, and leaves. They have access to some of your most intimate areas, and you need to have confidence and trust in them. People who are courteous and thoughtful during phone or in-person conversations also tend to be more thoughtful and courteous while performing their jobs. Take the time to get a sense of the quality of customer service of any cleaning agency or housekeeper you are considering employing. Ask about their experience and how they deal with different situations. Residential cleaning services can have a lot of moving parts. It takes someone with experience and skill to be able to manage all of the moving parts while still providing strong customer service. Seek out good customer service, and you will likely get a better end product as well.

In the end, even if cleaning isn’t your favorite thing to do, that doesn’t mean your house can’t sparkle. Try to find the right housekeeper and housekeeping services using these tips. Remember to demand the best and make sure you get the service you deserve.

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