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The Health Benefits of Using A Top Sheet For Your Bedding

Having a comfortable, durable mattress is extremely important to most people. Their bed is considered a place of refuge from the difficulties of everyday life; a place where they can truly relax and let their stress gradually melt away. However, if your mattress has an uncomfortable or dirty layering, most people are discouraged from even attempting to relax. The importance of protecting your mattress is not only imperative for optimal comfort but extending your mattress’ warranty as well. Using bedsheets for better sleep or a crib fitted sheet as a baby sheet protector is far better for safety and health reasons—many people have opted to not use a top sheet for their mattress, but the science behind the bacteria found in bedding is a good reason for washing and using a waterproof mattress protector regularly.

Why Do You Need A Mattress Protector?

Younger adults don’t utilize top sheets as often as older adults, because they’re typically considered time-consuming—an extra layer of bedding fabric doesn’t seem like the most appealing thing for those who are constantly on the go, but it’s considered one of the most hygienic and safest ways to sleep. Having a waterproof mattress protector is not only great for adults but children and infants who are especially prone to accidents. The top sheet a waterproof mattress protector provides a shield for unhygienic accidents or preventing residue or odors that may potentially linger on your mattress. Research shows, nearly three-quarters of people report a more comfortable night’s sleep on sheets with a fresh scent; 78% of Americans are more excited to sleep if their sheets have a fresh scent. Keeping your mattress clean is a major factor because it makes a more pleasurable sleeping experience without constantly cleaning your mattress. Children and infants are the most important age group to have a waterproof mattress protector for—potty training sheets, protective pillow cases, and sheets for babies are must-haves to maintain a clean mattress for your child. Studies show 15% of children still wet the bed at five years old, which provides a high likelihood of an accident occurring in your child’s bed. Owing a waterproof mattress protector provides a sense of safety and an additional layer of comfort that is not typically provided on a bed sheet; people love sleeping and value every moment of good sleep they can get, the comfort of waterproof bedsheets optimizes the level of comfort received. Studies show school-aged children typically get 9.5 hours of sleep, although experts recommend 10-11 hours for optimal mental capacity; nearly 82% of people believe an extra hour of sleep at night is somewhat to extremely valuable for their health. For infants, using hypoallergenic crib sheets are the best sheets for a baby who tend to have sensitive skin, and require comfort to sleep properly.

Do I Need A Mattress Protector?

Although there’s been a long rivalry between those who prefer top sheets versus those who don’t, research has shown that using a waterproof mattress protector is imperative to health. Not using a protective layer is considered unclean, because it holds thousands of potentially dangerous microscopic bacteria; washing your bed sheets and utilizing a top sheet is important because their numerous bacteria constantly growing from build-up residue. The amount of bacteria on an average bed is more than a legitimate reason to wash your bedding at least once a week.

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