Hiring a Spring Cleaning Service

Any home or public building, from a suburban home to a bank to a hotel, will need housekeeping and other upkeep so that its interior will be attractive and clean for anyone who visits or lives there, and this is more than just vacuuming the carpets; a filthy or smelly interior for a public building may make a bad impression on visitors and even drive them away, and a person may feel stressed and unhappy if their home has crumbs, dust, trash, or unpolished wood surfaces. However, outsourcing this labor, such as for a spring cleaning service, is a great way to get a professional cleaning job done without needing a large investment of labor or time on the building’s owner’s part. A reputable and professional spring cleaning service or an experienced maid service can set the building’s owner at ease when they begin regular and thorough cleaning.

Benefits of a Dependable Maid Service

Maids are sometimes associated with Victorian era housekeepers, but this work is as relevant as ever today, and makes use of modern cleaning equipment and materials to handle any mess in a public building or someone’s private home. In fact, compiled statistics have made it clear that the benefits of hiring a maid are many and attractive, which can make any spring cleaning service or house cleaning services well worth a fair fee. For example, it has been determined that cleaning an office building not only makes it more attractive to look at, but also removes some health hazards that come with dirty carpets and dust on surfaces. The employees in a clean office can expect to enjoy an 80% reduced probability of catching influenza or the common cold, and dust in the air or on surfaces can reduce a person’s cognitive abilities by 2% to 6%. Absenteeism due to disease in an office can be reduced by up to 46% if the premises are cleaned by a maid service, and this can make hiring a maid service a great investment.

The home is a reflection of the self, and nearly 87% of women today take this idea very seriously, motivating the proper cleaning of a home by one agent or another. This often begins with the carpet; many Americans, 84% of them or so, believe that a clean carpet is central to a clean home overall, and 22% of Americans think that their carpet is even dirtier than the toilet seat. After all, statistics suggest that only about 55% of Americans are giving their carpets a deep cleaning at regular intervals, as the EPA suggests. A maid service, however, could certainly do this if the homeowner cannot find the time or equipment to do it themselves.

For a public building like a motel or hotel, it is especially important to make use of a cleaning agency often, and to this effect, many hotels or motels may have their own in-house cleaning crews to change bed sheets, dust everything, vacuum and deep clean the carpets, wipe down the toilets, sinks, and shower and bathtub, change hand towels, wipe the windows, and anything else that may get dirty over time. A homeowner who is planning a short vacation or business trip could also hire a spring cleaning service or another maid service for the short term, paying them to clean out the home thoroughly while the owner is away. What is more, someone who is soon moving out of their home and putting it on the real estate market can also make use of a spring cleaning service. Making a house more attractive on the real estate market can literally mean making it more attractive, by means of hiring a maid service for a thorough, one-time cleaning job of vacuuming and deep cleaning the carpets, washing the windows, sweeping the floors and tiles, wiping down the bathroom, and much more. Once the cleaning job is done, the home should ideally leave no trace that the homeowner has ever made a mess. Dusting will also clean off all surfaces from bookshelves and photo frames all the way up to windowsills, and the drapes can also be taken outside and cleaned out for dust, pollen, and more, which can in fact act as allergens.

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