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The Growing Need For Self Storage Facilities All Throughout The United States

Here in the United States, consumerism is vast and oftentimes very important. For most of us, consuming has simply just become part of our everyday lives, part of how we function in the world and part of how we survive as well. In fact, the typical household in the United States alone will possess nearly half of a million objects (around 300,000 of them, to be a little bit more precise) under just one roof. And even though the average home size has more than doubled in recent years, there is no doubt about it that many homes feel cramped and crowded and cluttered due simply to the sheet amount of stuff that is kept there.

Many people find that they must utilize their garage space, if they have it, to store extra things. Unfortunately, two car garages often can’t actually hold cars in up to 25% (a full one fourth) of the homes that own them, as they are too filled with other things. And in more than 30% of homes that include two car garages throughout the country, only one car can comfortably fit inside of it. And while this is far from ideal, finding enough space for everything in the home itself can feel virtually impossible.

Fortunately, however, there are a number of options for storage. First of all, you can simply choose to get rid of some of your things. Selling them online, for instance, has become quite popular, as has simply giving them away. Donating your old clothes, toys, and other household objects can not only help you to declutter your home but can allow you to easily and inexpensively give back to your community and help someone in need.

However, there will certainly be objects that you don’t want to give away, even if you don’t necessarily have the space for them. In such cases, renting a self storage unit in a controlled access storage facility is ideal. And the possibility of renting a unit in a controlled access storage facility is now more available to a wider number of people than ever before, as storage facilities have become widespread across the entirety of the United States. In fact, there are up to 50,000 of them at the current date, meaning that storage facilities in the United States outpace Starbucks locations, incredibly popular as they are, by as many as five times.

And the use of a controlled access storage facility is not just for common household things. Such a controlled access storage facility is actually likely to be useful for the storage of boats, fancy cars, and other such vehicles as well. Storing a vehicle is a common way to use the typical storage unit for rent, especially if it’s not a vehicle that is used all year round. Unfortunately, neglecting to store a recreational vehicle and leaving it outside through the winter can actually have some greatly negative effects to it, causing sometimes permanent or difficult to rectify damage.

With more than 12.5 million households owning some type of boat here in the United States alone, the importance of self storage units have increased. If you live in a place that experiences cold and wet winters, storing your boat out the elements is incredibly ideal and while storage facilities certainly cost money, it will likely be far less than what you would otherwise be spending on getting your boat repaired and back into shape once the Summer months roll around again.

The same can be said for fancy and expensive cars, not all of which will be ideal for driving during the harsh winter months. Instead, such cars can easily be stored in a controlled access storage facility, where they can stay safe from the elements. And many a controlled access storage facility will have self storage units, meaning that access to this car, or this boat, or whatever might be stored there can be accessed as frequently as the owner of such possessions might wish.

All in all, the use of the controlled access storage facility is one that is certainly on the rise here in the United States.

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