Tips and Facts On Self Storage Units

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There are many industries in the United States that are beneficiary for those who use them, yet there are relatively unknown to the general public. One of these industries involves self storage units. This includes mini storage, self storage companies, and self storage warehouses.

if you want to store cars in a self storage you will be able to free up space on your lawn and driveway when they are not used. Many people want to do so seeing as how right now in the United States there are currently 52,500 storage facilities. This industry also employs about 172 thousand people and generates an estimated $22 billion dollars in revenue.

If you want to use self storage units to your benefit you are not alone as about 1 in 10 adults in the United States will rent a self storage unit to store their belongings. As a matter or fact, between the years of 1995 and 2012, the number of American citizens renting storage space grew by 65%.

Self Storage Can Store a Range of Items

Self storage units can store a number of different items that you need to put away while they are not in use. For instance, you can use self storage units of a high-quality to store boats during the off season when it may be damaged by bad weather. You can store cars in these units as well to help avoid rusting and potential water damage that may occur.

Self storage units that are considered to be professional will you allow you to stow away a vehicle during bad weather so that it is not damaged by the weather. This is important because recreational cars like older vehicles not only take up a lot of space but will require additional maintenance if they are left outside. You can avoid leaving these cars outside by simply putting them away in a self storage unit.

What To Look For In Self Storage Units

Right now there are about 2.3 billion square feet of rentable storage space located in the United States. With this in mind understand that you will need to navigate the industry in order to get yourself the best results. Before you rent a storage unit make sure that you look inside to inspect and make sure that it is clean and dry for your belongings. Self storage units should be clean, secure, and should also offer access to their units 7 days a week for the convenience of their customer.

If you can find a self storage unit with drive up access that will be much more convenient for you to load and unload so that you do not have to walk long distances up the stairs. You will be provided with a personal and private space that you can use to store your belongings and you should not have to deal with anything else. Also, you can find high-quality self storage units that will contain extra security with electronic gates to ensure your items are secure at all times.

In Conclusion

Each household in the United States contains an estimated 21 square feet of storage space. If you are looking into using a storage space unit to store your valuable items then you are not alone. It is an easy process that will help you protect valuable items that may only be used for seasonal reasons. Where else would you store a boat or a car that you only use in the summer? Make sure you protect your investments by using a self storage unit to put them in and to protect them from bad weather.

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