Conference table My Step-by-Step Process For Furnishing A Bedroom

My Step-by-Step Process For Furnishing A Bedroom

Sometimes, if you have the means, it’s nice to just start from scratch. Take your bedroom, for example. If you’ve had the same bedroom furniture set for 10 years or more, maybe you feel like you’re due for a change. Many people move out of their parents home and take whatever second hand furniture they can get ahold of, and that’s absolutely the right move! But what about 5, 10 or 15 years down the line?

If that sounds like you, it might be time to think about some redecorating. Spruce up your bedroom with a mission dresser, a pair of table lamps or a new bed! Most of us spend at least a third of our lives in our bedrooms. It can have a big effect on your mental state, your sleeping habits and more. So, have you decided to refurnish? Let’s get a move on then.

First, you’ll want to identify what your needs and your budget are. As far as budget goes, it’s pretty straightforward. How much can you afford to set aside for furniture? Are you going to want to finance anything, or buy outright? If you’re financing, what monthly payment are you looking for? These budgetary questions are pretty specific to the individual, so it’s hard to give advice. I will say this, however: don’t spend more than you’re sure you can afford. At the end of the day, it’s just stuff.

With regards to needs, you’ll want to take into account the size of your room, and what your desires are. Do you need a work desk? Reading space? TV stand? Or are you a more bare bones person? One thing everyone needs is something to hold their clothes, unless you happen to have a walk-in closet. A mission dresser can be a fantastic boon to space and organization, if that’s the style you’re going for. Beds, bedside tables, lamps, mirrors and more can be other items that you’ll want to put on your shopping list before heading to the furniture store.

Once you’ve figured out everything you’re looking for, the next step is to shop around. You can do this in bulk, like buying a bedroom set, and get everything in one place. On the other hand, you could shop for each item individually, putting together your own personal room instead of one created. We personally like that route best. So, shop around local furniture stores and the web for the items you’re looking for, such as a mission dresser or hanging mirror. Compare and contrast quality and prices of the items, and make sure to keep in mind the style that you’re going for. A mission dresser won’t necessarily match with a modern-style bed frame. You’ll just have to keep in mind what looks good together while shopping.

Once you’ve gotten everything on your list (under budget, we hope), it’s time to start arranging. Depending on what you’ve ordered, you may have to put some items together. If not, you can get started right away. If you’re a visual person, feel free to draw your room out and space it out visually, or if not, you can just mentally visualize the space. Think about the bed, any cabinets, tables or dressers, or any other of the larger pieces of furniture you might have purchased. Place those first, and then arrange the rest of your room based upon that.

After that, all that’s left is to put the pieces into place! Hopefully you have a helping hand or two to get things moved in. If not, be careful, and don’t hurt yourself lifting anything!

That’s our short little guide. It comes from personal experience, and it’s worked for me. Hopefully it works out for you too!

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