Three Things to Look for in a Wedding Venue

Most brides take over six months to plan their weddings, and these are usually attended by well over 100 guests. If that isn’t stressful enough, the cost of weddings is continuing to rise as social media puts a higher premium on having the “perfect” wedding. Choosing your wedding venue should always be the first step in the process, and if you’re not working with a professional wedding planner, it can be the most difficult. If you aren’t a professional, here are the top three things to look for in a wedding venue.

Location, Location, Location

Experts agree that you should book your wedding venue as soon as you’re engaged, as many popular places for wedding receptions will be booked up for about a year in advance. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you’ll especially want to build in time to look into party hall rentals and wedding locations. Many couples look for wedding halls online, but it’s always better to tour the location in person. Does the venue seem like a good fit for your personality? Do you want to have the wedding and reception in the same location? Will parking or cab services be available for guests? Will out of town visitors be able to find affordable lodging and have access to an airport? If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, would you feel comfortable having an indoor backup plan? Let the answers to these questions be your guide.

Ask About On-Site Amenities

Some cheap wedding venues will just have a chapel and banquet hall, while others include wedding packages that can end up saving you time and money. As you tour venues, ask if they have relationships with caterers, DJs, and photographers. You’ll also want to look for a venue that provides tables, chairs, podiums, silverware, and linens, unless you’re sure that you want to provide those yourself. The best wedding places will have all of these available as part of their party hall rentals.

Consider Accessibility

The larger the wedding, the greater the chances that you’ll have children, grandparents, and disabled family and friends. A historic basilica may seem like a beautiful place for a wedding, but if it has narrow stairs without rails, it may be difficult for elderly members of the wedding party to get around. Likewise, a wedding at sea may seem romantic, but parents with small children may worry about their kids taking a fall overboard. Even if you haven’t completed your guest list, think about the most important guests and members of the wedding party as you book your venue. Would they feel comfortable and cared for?

Wedding planning can be stressful, but after you’ve found some quality wedding ballrooms and party hall rentals, choosing the perfect one for you will be easy. Visualizing yourself at your venue on your big day will make the rest of the planning process that much more enjoyable.

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