Family urgent care,Skip the wait urgent care,Urgent care facility for kids Over 45% Of ER Visits Could Have Been Treated At An Urgent Care Setting Saving Money On Your Care

Over 45% Of ER Visits Could Have Been Treated At An Urgent Care Setting Saving Money On Your Care

Healthcare shouldn’t be stressful or out of your price range.

Convenient, affordable and high-quality healthcare can seem completely out of reach at times. With new laws coming into play every year and new insurance plans cropping up seemingly overnight, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with all of your options. This is where your local medical clinic comes into play. Providing you a convenient in-between to keep you covered when you can’t see your regular doctor but the emergency room is not yet needed, you can finally receive the care you deserve without breaking the bank. Not everyone knows about urgent care, sadly, and how it works.

Here are the issues your urgent care center can treat quickly and effectively.

Breathing Difficulties And Chest Pain

When you have a hard time breathing and can’t explain where that twisting, aching pain in your chest is coming from, it’s easy to become scared and confused. Your local medical clinic will not just provide you a quick check-up, but a smart diagnosis and a means of managing your pain. Back in 2015 urgent care centers reported seeing an average of 12,000 patients. That’s as many as three patient care visits per hour or over 30 visits per day. Breathing difficulties, whether caused by asthma or stress, are one of the most common issues brought to the average medical clinic.

Major Cuts And Burns

You’ve cut yourself badly and are unable to treat the wound at home. It’s time to visit your 24 hour urgent care location for treatment. Urgent care centers are flexible locations that address a wide number of minor and moderate issues, including cuts, scrapes and burns too serious to be treated at home. Even better? You don’t have to wait too long to be seen. According to a 2016 Benchmarking Report provided by the Urgent Care Association Of America, over 90% of urgent care centers maintained wait times of 30 minutes or less.

Abdominable Pain Causes And Nausea

Stomach pain is a common and very frustrating issue. That’s because your symptoms could come from any number of factors. Is it stress causing you to feel nauseous? Perhaps it’s an allergic reaction to food or a digestive issue you haven’t had diagnosed. Instead of asking questions and becoming worried, dropping by your medical clinic for a short wait time and proper diagnosis will help immensely. According to data provided by Becker’s Hospital Review, just 3% of patients who came to an urgent care center needed to be directed to an emergency department.

Headaches And Migraines

Chest pain and abdominal pain are common in urgent care locations. Headaches perhaps even more so. Headaches can be caused by staring at a computer screen too long, dehydration or an undiagnosed migraine. When you’re in pain and low on options it can be easy to panic and head straight to the emergency room. This can put you in a worse spot later, however, and your local urgent care clinic will be able to address your issues or properly refer you. An illuminating study found over 70% of ER visits involving patients with consumer-sponsored insurance had non-emergency conditions.

Flu Shots And Preventative Check-Ups

An urgent care location isn’t just for treating painful abdominal pain or a persistent cough that won’t go away. It’s also for preventative measures to keep you on your feet throughout the week. Flu shots need to be obtained every year, as the influenza virus adapts on a constant basis, and should be paired alongside smart lifestyle habits. Check-ups for breast cancer and STD screenings can also be requested for a low price. Combining a convenient quality and cost with quick attention is what urgent care clinics do for thousands of people every week.

Fast, attentive and effective…let an urgent care setting give you some solutions during a rough time.

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