Donate clothes to red cross,Donate clothing,Red cross clothing pickup 4 Benefits of Donating Blood to the Red Cross

4 Benefits of Donating Blood to the Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a charitable organization that does a lot to help those in need. In fact, this organization is available 24 hours per day to provide relief for communities in many forms. Statistics show that 70% of people throughout the United States give back to a charity each year. Many give back to charities by preparing clothing donations. Besides clothes donations, there are other ways to give back to a charity. One way is to donate blood. With that in mind, here are four amazing benefits of donating blood to the American Red Cross.

  • Functions as a Type of Health Screening

    You might think that donating blood is all about giving back. While this is true, you’ll find that donating blood benefits you. In many cases, someone giving blood receives a screen prior to donating. If something triggers the testing system, the donator is notified in a confidential manner.
  • Helps to Lower Risk of Many Cancers

    Not many are aware that donating blood can actually stop you from developing cancer. Numerous studies have shown that donating blood reduces the risk of many types of cancers that can develop throughout the body. What makes this even more interesting is that studies found a correlation between cancer risks dropping for those who donated blood more often than others.
  • Giving Back to Those in Need

    It’s important to keep in mind that Red Cross donations are accepted in many forms. In fact, statistics show that 14.3 million tons of donated clothing in the United States helps to clothe those around the world. When you donate clothing to the Red Cross, you’re likely going to feel great about this. In a similar manner, donating blood to the Red Cross helps to give you that same sense of satisfaction.
  • Reduces Calories in the Body

    While not recommended as a diet method, giving blood burns calories. One study found that donating a single pint of blood burns off over 600 calories. That being said, it’s best to focus on the other benefits of giving blood beside the calorie reduction it provides.

To summarize, donating blood to the Red Cross is extremely beneficial. In addition to donating blood, many donate clothing to the Red Cross. It’s wise to check if there is a Red Cross clothing pick up service in your area. Red Cross clothing pick up services gather items from a property, meaning the donator never has to leave their residence.

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