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Indoor Air Pollution Is At An All-Time High How An Apartment Cleaning Service Can Improve Your Health

When’s the last time you cleaned your place?

Not just a superficial sweep in your kitchen or throwing out the trash. A really deep clean from top-to-bottom. While this can seem like splitting hairs, the average American home and apartment is dirtier than it’s ever been. With indoor air pollution on the rise and our health more finicky than ever, taking the initiative and putting some extra effort in your next spring cleaning venture will do wonders for your quality of life. Even better? All you have to do is reach out to dependable house cleaning services to get that deep clean you’ve been needing for months.

If you could use some more information on apartment cleaning services, as well as some tips for keeping up throughout the year, just take a glance at the list below.

A Clean Environment Is A Happy Environment

When you live, work and sleep in a clean environment, you’re happy. This simple wisdom governs the tradition of spring cleaning and is precisely why our anxiety levels spike when we’re surrounded by clutter. Recent studies on the correlation between mental health and cleanliness have concluded nearly 85% of Americans believe having a clean carpet is necessary to have a clean home. Another study found nearly 90% of women feeling a clean home is a proper reflection of the self. How does this logic translate into other areas of life?

There Are Many Cleaning Industries To Tap Into

You won’t have to search long and hard to find good apartment cleaning services to give your home the makeover it so desperately needs. There are nearly 895,000 maids working in the United States today, with some specializing in office cleaning services and other focusing entirely on apartment cleaning. The EPA found just 50% of homeowners deep clean their carpets as often as they should. The family that cleans daily will actually gain back time by hiring house cleaning services, with some estimates finding as many as 730 hours.

You Can Increase Productivity In A Clean Space

A clean environment leaves a positive impact on your mental health. As you can imagine, this is good for relaxation and good for business. Employees that regularly work in a clean office have been found to have an over 80% reduced probability of catching the common cold or the flu. Regular cleaning has also been linked to reduced absenteeism as well as improved cognitive skills, such as retention, positivity and concentration.

Indoor Air Pollution Is At An All-Time High

What are additional benefits of hiring a maid? Take indoor air pollution as a prime example. The outdoors have their own host of problems ranging from exposure to car exhaust to pollen, but it’s nothing compared to the issues in your own home. Indoor air pollution has been found to be three times worse than outdoor air pollution. When you fail to deep clean your carpet regularly? Even more so. Pollen, dander, harmful chemicals, dust, dirt, mold, bacteria and more can build up in the home over time, affecting your sinuses, your mental health and even putting you in danger.

An Experienced Maid Service Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

When you live in a clean environment you’re healthier and happier. You focus better, you sleep more soundly and you even reduce your risk of developing long-term health problems. An illuminating study found there are more than 150 toxic substances linked to cancer floating around our homes from everyday cleaning products, such as wipes and sprays. That’s even before you look at the build-up of dust, mold and dirt. A good rule-of-thumb to follow is giving your fridge a solid scrub every two to three weeks alongside your counters. Replace your sponges frequently and always run the bathroom exhaust fan (or window) when you shower.

Save time and energy while improving your quality of life with an apartment cleaning service. You’ll be breathing easy before you know it.

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