Custom homes tampa,Home remodeling tampa Can You Remodel an Average House Into a Luxury Home?

Can You Remodel an Average House Into a Luxury Home?

A dream home usually refers to a gorgeous house that is wildly outside of one’s budget. Yet only an estimated 8% of home buyers have an annual income of $200,000 or more. While move-in ready, perfectly designed home might not be on budget, some remodeling could very well be within reach.

Are Modern Elements a Must In Luxury Design?

There are a few common elements that people think of when they think of luxury homes. Firstly, the house is usually fairly large in size, and comes with well-placed windows that maximize natural light. The materials used for building are generally more expensive and/or rare than in other homes. Finally, there will be finer architectural details throughout the house, such as trims and moldings.

What is the Difference Between a Nice House and a Luxury Home?

A nice home can have hardwood floors, thick carpeting, and big windows. These are great features to look for in a home, and will often be reflected in the selling price. A luxury home would also have these features, but would also have premium amenities. Extra amenities might be a circular driveway, a fountain or waterfall, or a heated pool.

Is a Whole Home Makeover Realistic For a New Home Buyer?

Most luxury homes begin at about $975,000, with the median price for one being just over $1,436,000 or so. This places most luxury homes outside the budget of the average home buyer. However, this should not discourage new buyers from envisioning their dream home. A whole home makeover could help homeowners keep costs down while creating their own gorgeous home.

What Are Some Of the Benefits of a Whole Home Makeover?

A whole home makeover is a big undertaking. It is important to hire certified contractors to do the job. The most immediate benefit to the homeowner is a house that meets their desires. Of course, doing the remodeling yourself can keep you within budget. Another benefit is the increase in the resale value should the homeowner choose to move later on.

A luxury home is not within reach for many new home buyers. However, a well-thought out home remodeling could bridge the gap between the house a person can afford, and the house they’ve dreamed of.

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