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4 Hidden Dangers of Water Damage

Updated 12/05/23

If you have found yourself faced with water damage, a flood restoration service can be your saving grace. Having the right insurance coverage, such as groundwater insurance or insurance for a water main break, is essential for mitigating the financial impact of unforeseen events. These policies act as safeguards, providing you with the necessary support when water wreaks havoc on your property.

Consider the specifics, like water-damaged kitchen cabinets insurance coverage. Having insurance that covers such scenarios is crucial. Water damage consulting can also be invaluable during these times. It offers guidance on navigating insurance claims, ensuring you receive fair compensation for the damage incurred.

Understanding the coverage your insurance provides for water damage, whether it’s related to groundwater, a water main break, or damage to specific areas like kitchen cabinets, is fundamental. It’s not just about restoration; it’s about financial security during unforeseen circumstances. Having the right coverage, such as insurance for water main breaks and flooding, will make it easier to recover from damages that do occur.

A reliable flood restoration service coupled with comprehensive insurance coverage grants peace of mind. When water damage strikes, having the support of these services and insurance policies can make the difference between a daunting situation and a manageable one, allowing you to restore your home without undue financial stress.

If a homeowner experiences water damage, they may feel overwhelmed. Even after water recedes, water may have damaged the walls and cabinets. Water damage also puts homeowners at risk for infection from mold. Finding a contractor for water restoration services is the next step.

Water Main Breaks

A homeowner may wonder: “Is a water main break covered by insurance?” The answer is: “Not usually.” Most homeowners insurance policies only cover problems in the supply line, near the side of the water meter.

When it comes to homeowners insurance for water main break damages, it is only available by purchasing an additional policy. As previously noted, basic homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover a water main break. The homeowner’s community is only responsible for water damage from the main line to the supply line.

With homeowners insurance, cabinet replacement is usually included. Since cabinets are attached to the walls of a home, they are covered. Therefore, homeowners insurance will usually replace water-damaged cabinets.

Once again, if anyone wonders: “Does homeowners insurance cover water main breaks?” that answer is usually no. Homeowners can ask about additional insurance coverage. By purchasing additional insurance, you may become covered in the event of a water main break.

Water damage can be devastating for homeowners and businesses. There are less-expected mold growth issues and health hazards besides overwhelming structural damage. The reasons range from something as small as overflowing appliances, broken pipes, or HVAC leaks to unavoidable storms or floods. While natural disasters will take their course, you can watch for obvious signs of water damage, like wet walls or floors and standing water. Don’t miss out on garage water damage; often, it goes unnoticed for long periods.

If you’ve experienced significant water damage in a flood, you can look for professional flood damage restoration services. They’ll help restore your property to its pre-flood condition and prevent further damage. Such services include water extraction, floor drying service, and mold remediation. So, what does a mitigation company do? Such companies specialize in preventing further damage. With advanced techniques, including dehumidifiers, moisture detection equipment, and air movers, they dry out your home and avoid mold growth. You’re likely to turn to your insurance company to cover water damage costs. Here’s a common issue many face-water damage claims are denied by insurance companies. It could be because of a lack of coverage, inadequate documentation, or policy exclusions. Luckily, a mitigation company can also work with your insurance company to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Water damage is among the most devastating property disasters. Storms, floods, weakened roofs, HVAC leaks, broken pipes, and overflowing appliances are all water problems that can be stressful and harmful to a home’s safety and value. Thus, taking swift action to address this emergency is crucial to limit further property damage.

The golden rule for dealing with an accidental discharge of water at home or business is to have a plan you can implement promptly to halt the harm. The longer you wait to take action, the more extensive the damage to your property will become. If your home or business sustains accidental water damage, having a strategy in place for dealing with the situation in the event of an emergency may ensure a quick and painless restoration process. For example, after a flood, you can call water clean up experts who will walk you through the damage assessment process. Then, you can make educated choices about how to fix your property.

Additionally, your accidental water damage insurance provider is a crucial resource in an unexpected crisis. Homeowner’s insurance mainly covers repairs after a disaster, such as a broken pipe, rainwater entering through a window, or ice dams forming on your roof.

Water damage is something that no one wants to think about, but if it happens to you then it is better to be prepared. Quick action is the best course of treatment when it comes to repairing water damage in your home. Without quick action other sneaky problems can occur like the ones listed below.

Appliance Issues

Many people think about electricity when it comes to water damage, but gas powered appliances should be a concern as well. These appliances do not mix well with water. Corrosion to these appliances should be a concern and should not be ignored. Ignoring this simple thing could lead to another unexpected surprise after the damage repair from the water is complete. All gas powered appliances should be thoroughly checked before usage to ensure they are able to safely operate.


When water rises the first thing many people think about is what the water is going to come in contact with. The last thing many people think about is what is in the water that is causing the damage. This should be as much of a concern as what the water is going to damage. Things floating in the water are hazardous and can cause problems themselves. Sewer water and debris that has lead in it can quickly cause additional concerns as far as the water is concerned, since these remnants can easily be left over in the things the water has touched.

Structural Integrity

Water is a strong substance, which can erode rock over time. Granted most water damage is not sitting for years in your house, but unfortunately it doesn’t take years of water for structural damage to occur. Water tends to put tremendous strain on drywall in your home and can do damage to the structural foundation of your home. This can cause cracks and other leaks in your residential home if not remedied in a timely manner.

Growing Things

Everyone knows that it is not good for water to stand for long periods of time, or for things to remain damp from water damage, but what most people don’t know is how quickly things can get bad from this water. Mold and mildew can form which many people are aware of, but the rate at which these things can start growing may surprise you. Within 24 hours these things can begin to grow in your house. Not only does a rancid odor accompany mold and mildew but health concerns for you and your family do as well.

Acting quickly to remove water can save structural pieces as well as the foundation of your home and give you peace of mind. Water damage is any homeowner’s worst nightmare, but having a plan and knowing what to do can help. A detailed plan with names and numbers of contractors, appliance people and utility companies can help make an unthinkable situation a little more calm.

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