Clogged drain,Commercial plumber wichita ks,Plumbing companies wichita ks Staying Unclogged How to Avoid the Worst Backups

Staying Unclogged How to Avoid the Worst Backups


Nobody loves the dreaded backup. However, as you know, they aren’t always avoidable and sometimes you will just have to deal with an annoying backup without understanding how it happened. This is why you may need to sometimes call a plumber who understands your best interests and how to keep your system completely clean so that you don’t end up with bills skyrocketing through the roof. There’s nothing worse than a clogged drain, but luckily you aren’t alone. Today we will share some of the ways that you can avoid backups and keep your drains clean for the best plumbing experience.

For the Worst Clogged Nightmares

Having clogged drains is a headache and a half. And though you may be totally fine relying on plumbing companies for your needs, there are some ways that you can solve some backups on your own. Today we will look at how you can avoid them in the first place.

You should always clean your pipes once a month, for starters. You never know what could be backing up in your drains, so it helps to use either a non-corrosive cleaner or pour baking soda into your drains to help clean them out. Not only will this help clear the drains once and for all, but it also gets rid of some of the odor of a toilet.

Purchase a mesh drain screen, as they can be perfect for catching hair and other debris before it has the chance to wreak havoc on your drains. These are cheap fixes that will keep your drains happy… and you, too!

Never throw things down the toilet. Many people have thrown cotton balls down the toilet drain, only to find out that they create clogs. The same goes for grease, which can congeal and create a huge mess that you will have to clean up later as you realize that nothing is going down.

Save yourself some time and energy from calling the big-name plumbing companies for the little issues in life. Yes, you should always have a plumber for toiler repairs, sewer cleaning and more – but as you can see, there are also some things you can handle all on your own!

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