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How the Top Private Schools Help Prepare Students for a Lifetime of Success

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Raising a child is a lot like building a house in some ways, though being a parent is infinitely more complex. For argument’s sake however, there’s no doubt that several parallels can be drawn between parenting and home building.

For example, both require investment in a building a strong, stable foundation. Without a sturdy foundation, any additional effort will be done in vain. Just as it’s difficult for a house to stand without a sturdy foundation, it can be challenging for children to succeed without the benefit of solid foundation. After all, there’s nothing to build upon!

Although there are many things that go into creating a strong foundation for children, with education being one of the most important. From private kindergarten to private high schools, the top private schools provide children with a comprehensive education that lays the groundwork for a lifetime of success. Here are just a few benefits of private school education:

Smaller class sizes

The top private schools pride themselves on small class sizes that allow students to receive more individual attention and personal instruction. For young children, there’s often at least two teachers along with several support staff for a class size of 18 students. At the high school level, the top private schools have at least one teacher for roughly the same class size.

Better resources

Well-curated libraries, Olympic-sized swimming pools, and cutting edge computer labs are just a few of the resources that are standard at many private schools. While many public schools struggle to receive enough funding to secure or maintain these kinds of resources, the top private schools are often able to provide these amenities and resources with ease. Libraries, athletic facilities, and computer labs are invaluable tools that help support students throughout their private school education.

Nutritional support

The human works very much like a car in that it requires fuel. And just like cars that are fueled with premium gasoline, the human body, including the brain, functions at a higher level when fueled by high quality food. While public schools go to great lengths to provide nutritious student meals, the top private schools go above and beyond to provide restaurant-quality menus made with the freshest ingredients. Many of the top private schools even go as far as to provide completely organic options and accommodate plant-based diets.

Most people spare no expense when it comes to building the home of their dreams, and similarly, many parents take this approach when it comes to setting their children up for a lifetime of success. In both instances, the key to doing so is a strong foundation. The academic and personal lessons learned through a private school education provide a foundation that is sure to support a lifetime of success!

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