What Termite Inspectors Do

Termite control service

A female bedbug has been proven to lay more than 200 eggs within their lifecycle. Yes, you read that right, 200 eggs. Let’s be real here, no one likes bugs and no one likes bugs that spread that quickly, laying nearly 200 eggs in one lifetime. This is why termite inspectors are so important in the United States.

Now, just because you may not know anyone that works as terminte inspectors, that does not mean that this is not a valuable role. People across the country end up in rough situations where they have to deal with a large number of pests. Here are all the facts on hiring termite inspectors and what they do to your house.

Over the past coupleso of years nearly 99% of all pest professionalsn and termite inspectors have treated bed bugs. This has stayed the same since the year of 2013 and that is why terminte inspectors are still working so much today. Some of the top places that termite inspectors report finding bed bugs are apartments and condo’s as well as single-family homes and hotels/motels.

If you are living in any of these areas then you will want to have the phone number for termite inspectors on hand at all times. On average, everyone in America will end up spending just about $9 billion a year controlling fleas. When temperatures drop to 65 to 70 Fahrenheit at night, apply preemergence herbicides to control winter annual weeds such as annual bluegrass, henbit and common chickweed.

One of the general rules for applying some form of herbicide is to do so after mowing your lawn three of four times. Residents in the United States spend at least $1 billion on Formosan termite control and repairs every single year and some experts believe the number is actually a lot closer to $2 billion, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

The damage done by termites can end up spreading across 600,000 homes every single year in the United States. Termites do not require a lot of room to get inside of someone’s home and these are all reasons as to why so many people hire termite inspectors. Keep in mind that on average, they will do just about $1 billion worth in property damage.

Not only do termite inspectors deal with termites and bugs they also handle pesky rodents like rats and mice. This is important because just about 25% of all fires are started by rats and mice chewing on gas lines, electrical wiring, and even matches. Rodents can do serious damage and can also create a home within the house that becomes their nest.

In Conclusion

Many expert project that by the year of 2016, pest control services will be generating revenue that is going to reach $13 billion. So there is no doubt that termite inspectors are a commonly relied upon service in the United States. There is no shame in reaching out to termite controllers to help you deal with these pesky and obnoxious little bugs.

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