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Benefits of Urgent Care Centers and When to Visit One

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Do you dread going to the doctor?s office or the emergency room? It can be a long and costly process, especially if you are injured or not feeling well. The last thing you probably want to do is spend all day waiting for an appointment and hoping it does not cost too much to get the treatment you need. The same thing could be said even if it is a loved one like a child who is sick or injured. Fast, convenient, and affordable health care is likely your preference in any of these situations.

Interested in learning about convenient medical treatment
options for when you don?t have a lot of time to spare? Keep reading for more information about urgent care and when you should select this as your medical treatment choice.

Benefits of Visiting Family Urgent Care for Convenient Medical Treatment

Urgent Care is a growing field in medicine. In fact, the number of physicians who are choosing this as their specialty grows more and more each year. Currently, there are around 20,000 doctors who practice urgent care medicine. While this may not have been your first choice a decade ago, the changes in this field have made it a recognized specialty and a new, more convenient choice when seeking medical treatment.

With so many doctors across the country specializing in this field, it is no wonder that there are locations spread out across the United States. Every year, there are around 50-100 new clinics that open their doors in different areas throughout the country. In total, you can find around 9,300 locations that allow walk-in appointments and that stand-alone as urgent care centers offering convenient medical treatment to anyone who walks through the doors.

One thing that makes this choice for minor injuries and illnesses so convenient is how frequently most urgent care centers are open. Nearly all locations stay open every hour of every day. On top of that, 97% of locations are open seven days a week. That means you don?t have to worry about what you will do on a Saturday or Sunday if you are sick or injured and your doctor?s office is closed. You can easily head to an urgent care center, instead.

The wait time at your walk-in urgent care is likely very doable
. 60% of locations in the United States can make sure that patients see a physician in less than 15 minutes. In comparison to your normal doctor?s office or the emergency room, a 15-minute wait time is on the low end. You won?t have to worry about waiting in pain or waiting while you are sick for extended periods of time.

When to Consider This Convenient Medical Treatment

There are a few instances when visiting an urgent medical care center should be your first choice. For example, if you believe you sprained your ankle, there is no reason to necessarily head to the emergency room. You shouldn?t have to wait until you get an appointment at your regular doctor?s office either. Instead, you can stop off at an urgent care clinic to have it assessed by a medical profession.

For the common cold or flu, you can head into your urgent care center, as well. These can sometimes be quicker appointments that require an assessment and a prescription so that you can start healing. Visiting an urgent care center simply means less wait time, no need for an appointment, and a visit with a medical professional that ends in as assessment and a treatment plan.

You can even head to your urgent care location for everything from migraines, to back pain, to strep throat, to unknown ailments. If it is ever necessary to transfer you to the emergency room, a doctor at the urgent care location can help assess that and set it up.

Have you ever visited an urgent care center for convenient medical treatment? What reason did you choose this location instead of an emergency room or your doctor?s office? Let us know in the comments about your experiences.

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