Start a Movement, Clean Out Your Closet

Clothing donation pickup

Humans have come a long way since our very first ancestors found their way through the world. Societies have grown ever more complex and advanced. Cities grow taller, corporations grow richer, technology makes our lives ever more connected and convenient. We are truly living in the futuristic visions of creators, inventors, and visionaries of the past. However, it is far from a perfect or utopian world that we live in. Countless individuals have been left behind and forgotten in the collective quest for power, control, and wealth. The systems that claim to keep everything in check are largely broken, favoring only certain individuals and ignoring most of the needs and perspectives of the public as a whole. If we are going to change this world for the better, if we are going to build something greater in spite of those corrupt systems, we must all take some of the responsibility.

What each person can do to make a difference

There are some areas of our society that can obviously do more to make a difference. People who are more well off than others have the means to contribute. But the average individual in society, who may not have much extra in the way of time or finances, might wonder what he or she could possibly do to change the world. The answer is in the seemingly small actions. If every person committed to making these little gestures as often as possible, we would start to see change on a massive scale. It could be something as small as having a conversation with someone who seems to be down on their luck, or buying a meal or a few groceries for someone you know is struggling. One very simple solution that just about everyone can do is donate clothing to a local charity, outreach program, or other organization that helps those in need. Just 3% of income across the country is donated to charities in a given year, and while some people can afford to give more financially, used clothing donations are a way for everyone to contribute.

Donate clothes to see serious change

From Red Cross donations
to your local food pantry or a second hand shop, there are multiple ways to give in a meaningful way. Though you may not think that dropping off a bag of old shirts and pants as Red Cross donations is a big deal, that clothing could very well make a world of difference for a family in your community that has been struggling to the point of being unable to afford proper clothing. But to take it a step further and look at the even bigger picture, you are not only cleaning out your closet of things you no longer use, and helping those less fortunate, but you are also doing your part to save the planet on an environmental level.

Whether it is in the form of Red Cross donations or passing along a bag of clothing to a friend whose child is about the size of the outfits your own child has just outgrown, you are making a difference. The Environmental Protection Agency has reported that every year, people across the country throw out an average of 10 pounds of clothing and textile waste per person. And altogether, Americans go end up buying almost 20 billion articles of clothing every year, which works out to equate more than one new piece each week, or 68 pieces of clothing and seven pairs of shoes for each person. By donating or passing on your old clothing rather than tossing them in the garbage, you are keeping those textiles out of already overflowing landfills.

It doesn’t take a lot to chip in, do your part, and help change the world. It can start with something as simple as going through your closets and drawers. Help to start a movement by setting the example, and encourage friends and families to donate as well, whether it is with Red Cross donations or leaving a gift for a neighbor in need.

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