Self storage,Storage,Storage rental Here’s the Right Way to Prep For Long Term and Seasonal RV Storage

Here’s the Right Way to Prep For Long Term and Seasonal RV Storage

Find a secure storage facility for your camper or RV.

Do you need safe and secure camper storage options for your vehicle when you are not driving the wide-open roads? Are you looking for the best place to store RV and similar vehicles in your local area? Do you need accessible, secure, and affordable boat RV and auto storage that makes it easier to keep your travel plans open? The answers to these and other questions can likely be answered with a visit to your local self-storage facility.

Many of these storage places have on site spots available for storing RVs, boats, dirt bikes, and other vehicles that cannot be parked in the road or driveways in many residential areas. Every facility is different and will have different services and features and costs so be sure to call around and check out several places before committing.

You can check online or browse local business listings to see what options there are in your area. You can also tell your smart device to ‘find affordable camper RV storage near me ‘ to get started. When you need bike, covered boat and RV storage options you likely will not have to look very far to find options!

Here’s the Right Way to Prep For Long-term and Seasonal RV StorageIt’s that time of year again; time to store the RV after a season of adventure and fun on the road. Not all RV owners use their RVs full time or year round, and only use their RVs seasonally or for a few weeks at a time. When not in use, its best to store RVs in a secure area such as storage units for rent.

RVs are a privilege to own and they can be an expensive investment, which is why long term or seasonal RV storage makes so much sense. It’s important to keep in mind however, that RV storage requires a great deal of preparation in order to avoid the hassle and expense of permanent damage. While you may be tempted to park your RV in a designated open area near your home, this is not the best way to protect your investment.

If you’re not planning on using your RV for months at a time, RV storage or self storage is a must. Here’s how to prep for seasonal RV storage.

Find a secure storage facility

One of the greatest benefits of seasonal RV storage is protection from theft, vandalism, pests, and harsh weather. As such, it’s important to find a storage facility that you feel comfortable with. When shopping for a closed RV storage facility, look for security measures such as electronic pass code entry, security cameras, secure fencing, barriers, and management or security personnel on the premise.

Get to cleaning

Before your RV can be properly stored for the season, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and repaired. Inspect your RV for any signs of damage such as holes, tears, cracks, and be on the lookout for any signs of an insect or pest infestation. Be sure to seal any cracks to prevent water from getting into the RV, which in turn will help to prevent rust and mold from. The outside of the RV should be thoroughly washed and polished, while the tires should be greased to prevent cracking. Don’t forget to dispose of any food or food scraps!

Shut it down

Remember to unplug and shut down all appliances before turning off the main circuit breaker. This includes defrosting and cleaning out the fridge! Your RV’s holding tanks should also be emptied and cleaned and antifreeze should be put into the pipes if the RV will be stored in a cold climate.

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