The Best Projects to Increase your Resale Value

Expert landscaping services

Money Magazine recently wrote that landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100 to 200% at selling time. What projects, though, specifically improve a home?s resale value? Which projects will give you both added entertainment and enjoyment of your home, while also improving the resale value of your house? These are just some of the projects that you can complete to increased value.

Enhanced entertainment space

People enjoy spending time outdoors, especially in their own backyards. People also enjoy entertaining, inviting over their family and friends for a BBQ. Creating an enhanced entertainment space is a great way to further enjoy your backyard, while also making it more appealing to buyers in the future. Design a dining space around the BBQ, as well as numerous seating places throughout the yard. Enhance the landscape walkways for easy access to the entertainment space.

Plant a lot of greens bushes and colorful flowers

The most desirable of outdoor spaces are full of lush greens and colorful flowers. Experienced landscapers can help you line your landscape driveways with beautiful designs. They can also help with choosing the best types of flowers and plants for your location. Spending even 5% of the value of your home on landscaping can increase the resale value by 15%. You can also get a lot of backyard hardscape design ideas from your local landscaping professional. Choose flowers and plants that are easy to maintain, as you don?t want to scare off potential buyers with complex landscaping.

Use carpeting in your designs

Just because you are designing an outdoor space does not mean that you have to stay away from custom carpentry. Outdoor carpet can look wonderful and can make it easier to keep up with maintenance. Using outdoor carpet on your landscape walkways is a unique way to design your outdoor space. In fact, more and more professional landscapers are implementing outdoor carpet designs into their hardscape designs. Additionally, outdoor carpets can easily be changed out if it becomes ruined or you decide to change the overall look of your outdoor space.

Keep up with basic landscaping needs

In addition to your upgraded landscape designs, you also want to pay attention to the basic upkeep of your current landscaping. The well cared for green yard is what will initially draw buyers in. Then, the custom water features and beautifully designed landscape walkways will attract them even more. Hiring a weekly landscaping service can ensure that your lawn stays in good shape. A healthy, green lawn often requires regular watering and sometimes, sod and seed replacements.

In a recent landscaping survey, the research found that 63% of respondents reported being willing to pay more for an apartment or house if it was located in an area with good green spaces. Work with your local professional landscaping company on improving the green color of your lawn and then, maintaining it. Also, the growth of beautiful flowers will pair nicely with a lush, green lawn.

Highlight the utility costs savings

Potential buyers might not be able to identify the high cost savings of your professional landscaping, but this can also be a selling feature. When you carefully plan your landscape design, you can utilize it to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Notify buyers of this and it will be another added selling point. If possible, show before and after utility bills that proof the advantages of the professional landscape design.

Home buyers enjoy green yards that they can relax in and entertain in. If you are a current homeowner, putting money into your landscaping can produce a higher return upon sale. There are many exterior projects that you can complete to improve your lawn, but some of the most profitable are improving your entertainment space, increasing the curb appeal with carefully designed landscape walkways, and designing a lawn that is green and lush.

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