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What’s Your Ideal Home Design?

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Everyone wants that perfect place to call their very own home. The sanctuary that becomes the escape from the rigors and stresses of everyday life. And ideally, the home design is one that fits perfectly with your style and preferences. While some people prefer to have a hand in the design and construction from the ground up, others are happy to browse new homes that have already been completed.

You do not necessarily know ahead of time which home will speak to you the most, even if you have an ideal vision in your mind. Sometimes you may not even realize what you truly want for your perfect little sanctuary until you walk into it and find yourself completely at home.

Finding the right home design for you

Whether you are working with production homebuilders or custom new home builders
, your new home design should be an expression of you, your family, your lifestyle, and your interests. No, you do not need to have evidence of every hobby displayed on the walls, but there are ways to tastefully design and increase functionality of certain spaces to fit what you want. Of course, while everyone has different preferences, there are some aspects that many people agree on.

In 2015, there were 648,000 single-family homes built. Of those, 282,000 of them had at least four bedrooms, 66,000 of them had no more than two bedrooms, 14,000 of them had both a patio and a deck, and 183,000 of them included a patio. Nearly half of all home buyers are more than willing to pay a bit extra to have an ensuite master bath, and almost 70% would splurge on a central air system. There are plenty of little comforts that most people can agree on, but it is the little differences that make a house your home.

Customizing your home

If you have chosen to buy a home from production homebuilders, chances are you did not have much say in the look of the finished product. Yes, you may have chosen some of the paint or other small features, but the point of these types of homes is that they follow a blueprint and are ready to buy as is. But that does not mean that you cannot customize it.

Maybe one of the bedrooms will become a library for your collection of classics. Maybe you will convert an area into your workshop. Your home should be the place that you are the most comfortable, and the place that you find the most peace and happiness. Designing it to be just that is half of the fun.

Making a house a home is one of the most exciting things to experience. You have built a life for yourself, now enjoy it in your perfect sanctuary.

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