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Homeowners Why You Should Buy New Construction Homes

In the United States, purchasing homes, whether it’s your first home, second, or third- is an enormous accomplishment! You want to build a life for yourself, and your family. You want the independence, the space, and the opportunity to create memories. Buying a house, opens up a life of adventure for you, your spouse, and your children (if you have any). Also, in the United States, you do not have to worry about a lack of homes. There are so many choices available throughout the United States (big, average, and small houses). In fact, in Florida there are approximately 7.42 million homes and apartments available for purchase. If you’re looking for a new home, here is why you should buy new construction homes.

New Construction Homes

New construction houses are simply brand new homes that no one has lived in yet. You’ll be the first homeowner, and the first family to settle down there! Here are the pros of buying new construction homes:

Brand New: As perviously mentioned, new construction homes are brand new. This is a pro for you as a homeowner. To begin, it’s accurate to state that everything is in pristine condition. Home appliances, objects, materials, and necessities such as molding along baseboard- are clean and fresh. They are not used, dirty, or in need of a replacement. If you’re someone who enjoys the brand new, new construction homes are for you! Ready to start from scratch?

Customization: The second pro of buying a new construction home is the fact that you’ll have control over the details of your home; exterior and interior customization. You can essentially structure your home to adhere to your style, your taste, and your life of luxury. Purchasing a new construction home means that you choose everything! Nothing is off limits. You get to choose the color of your siding and trim, the placement of lights, light bulbs, and every single outlet- just to name a few. If you do not purchase a brand new home, many of the things you’ll want in your home can possibly be difficult to put in after a home is constructed. If you’re the type of person that wants to create the perfect home by making all the decisions, a new home is what you need!

Options: When it comes to new construction homes, having few options are actually a positive thing! For a new construction home you can hire a contractor, architects, and designers to assist you in all your custom options and they will help you make the proper decisions. Additionally, they can decrease your choices so you’re not so overwhelmed (think 200 bathroom faucets to 20 bathroom faucets). This is a pro to new construction because it relieves the stress that can come with all the options you’re given.

Energy: New construction homes are different than used homes, in that they are energy efficient. Each home takes advantage of all the innovations in energy efficiency. So, with new construction, you’ll receive a home that is designed to use less energy. There are many different factors that go into energy efficiency. For example, nsulation and air sealing, heating and cooling, and appliances. Purchasing a new construction home provides you with the say over the strategies used to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. You’ll most likely already have energy efficient windows, but you can choose other options such as dual flush toilets, smart thermostats, and LED lighting. Energy efficiency is definitely a pro!

Maintenance: This may seem like an obvious pro when it comes to new construction homes. But, new construction homes do not necessarily need repairs! In addition, the chances of fixing a roof or broken pipes are significantly decreased. For you, the homeowner, this means that you will have less stress and less money spent, because everything is still new! Your money can go toward other luxurious features! Another pro that comes with maintenance is the fact that you’ll receive a range of warranties with your home. This may include short term full structure warranty and a longer term exterior warranty. This is a great reason to purchase a new construction home!

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