Metal roof installation wisconsin,Metal roofers,Metal roofing in wisconsin Local Roofing Options Vary as You Travel Across America

Local Roofing Options Vary as You Travel Across America

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A driving trip of 1000 miles during the month of December can provide quite a bit of variety. If the road trip starts somewhere like Omaha, Nebraska, and ends in New Orleans, Louisiana, the variety includes everything from temperature to cuisine and local roofing options to wildlife. And just like you would rarely ask a chef from the beef country of the Midwest to prepare you a low country shrimp boil, it does not make sense to have a local roofing contractor in the south to make residential roofing recommendations for a home or business that has to stand up to the cold winter months of Nebraska. Local roofing companies often provide the best advice on options for both residential and commercial roofing materials.
Metal Roof Contractors Provide a Fairly Versatile Product
The two most common types of metal roofing products are steel and aluminum. These two products, in fact, are so common that they can be seen on commercial buildings in nearly every part of the country. The fact that the standard metal roofs often last 50 or more years with proper maintenance is another reason that they are seen on buildings in locations as diverse as Anchorage, Alaska, and Statesboro, Georgia. In some locations, in fact, metal roofs are even a common site in residential neighborhoods of all price ranges.
One of the reasons that metal roofing is sometimes a popular residential decision is because of its affordability. Even the most expensive types of metal roofing materials, for instance, still cost 30% less than the cheapest slate or tile roof. Knowing that you can get an expensive metal roof from copper, zinc, or stainless steel at an affordable price is a draw for many home owners.
Benefits of a metal roof, however, extend beyond its cost and strength. Many home and business owners want a metal roof because they are looking for a product that benefits the environment. The newest metal roofing materials, in fact, contain anywhere from 30% to 60% of recycled metal content. Additionally, at the end of their service lives metal roofs are 100% recyclable.
In addition to being an environmentally friendly, affordable, and strong product, metal roofs are also available in as many as 100 different colors. From the typical red roof dairy barn choices in Wisconsin to the green grass roofs on horse properties in Kentucky, a home or business owner can select a color that matches the other buildings on a property or a color that matches a house paint color.
Other Specialty Roof Products Are More Suitable for Residential Buildings
Although not common in all parts of the country, some home division codes actually dictate the kind of roof that owners can install. And while a metal roof might be a perfect residential roofing decision on an acreage outside of town, many residential neighborhoods would never allow that choice. Often determined by the weather, some specialty roofing choices like tile may be more expensive, but a required part of a community covenant. Although sometimes selected for a visual effect, the roofing requirements in some parts of the country are a result of recommendations by local roofing contractors.
In the southwestern part of the country, for example, clay tile roofs are not only popular, they are functional as well. The absorbing nature of a clay tile, for instance, can help protect a home from the extreme temperatures of a desert area. With the ability to help limit the need for extra cooling, the higher cost of a tile roof can pay off in lower utility bills.
In parts of the country that experience large hail storms and big winds, many local roofing contractors recommend a composite roof material that can withstand both the wind and hail. High grade composite shingles, in fact, have replaced the more cosmetically desirable shake shingles that used to be part of many high dollar midwestern housing divisions.
If you are preparing to replace a roof, whether it is a residential or commercial building, the smartest first step is to consult with a local roofing contractor. Regional contractors can often serve as the best resource when you are deciding on a roofing decision that is both costly and fairly permanent.

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