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5 Gardening Tips Everyone Can Use


Most American homeowners feel that having a yard is very important. At least 83% of homeowners in United States place a high value on having a yard. Of the homeowners who have a yard at least 90% believe it is important to maintain it properly. Recently Harris poll conducted a survey for the national Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). After interviewing 2,034 people over 18 years of age or older they discovered that at least 75% of all American adults think spending time in her yard is an important thing to do. For American homeowners who are thinking about upgrading their outdoor spaces or are starting projects to do this at least 51% report spending six hours or more relaxing, gardening and entertaining friends and family inner outdoor space. Before you head to a nursery to pick up plants for your yard or garden, here are some tips to make sure your job looks great.

  1. Start by looking at the perimeter of your yard. Many people use plants and small shrubs to soften the lines from their driveway and walkway and to smooth the transition from flowers to grass. When you’re at the nursery, you should look for and bushes that you know will look good throughout all four seasons but we’ll not grow too large. You need to be careful to make sure good bushes you pick we’ll not have reset will do damage to your home, the driveway or the foundation of your house..
  2. Add trees to your lawn. Adding trees to your property as real value. One mature tree can be worth up to $10,000. In addition to that, if you place your trees properly you can reduce the costs associated with cooling your home by up to 20%. It is said that merely looking in the tree can reduce a person stress level within five minutes. You will also make your home much more environmentally friendly because one tree will remove 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a dangerous greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, each year. Before you go to the plant nursery, think about what kinds of trees are native to your region. Think about what kind of trees do you like to see in your yard. If you are not sure what the best trees for your region are, you can get advice from local landscaping companies.
  3. Pick your bushes. Just like with trees, you need to decide what kind of bushes you wanted in your yard. Most bushes require very little maintenance and can be very pretty. Azalea bushes have beautiful flowers. When you go to the nursery, inquire about what bushes are the easiest to maintain and what the requirements are for all of the kinds. You should also ask about the color of the blossoms as you want your garden to Complement your home. You also need to know how much sun they require so you plant them on the proper space on your property.
  4. Pick the right flowers. You have a lot of options when it comes to flowers. Like with any of the plants or bushes or trees that you will plants in your garden and yard, it is always a good idea to go with those flowers that are native to your area. Whenever you pick plants that from naturally where you live, the upkeep and maintenance is much less time consuming. Unless you plan to hire landscaping company to maintain and care for your lawn and garden you will want to get plants from the plant center that are easy to care for.
  5. Consider your watering requirements. There are many parts of the country that have experienced drought conditions over the past few years. When you go to the nursery, you might want to ask about ways to water your lawn and garden that make use of recycling technologies. There are different ways to use rainwater to water lawns and gardens that put less stress on local water resources.

Good landscaping add value to a home. When real estate agents advise clients how to sell their homes quickly they usually recommend starting with a landscaping company. These tips can help your yard look great.

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