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The Many Benefits of Creative Landscape Design

Outdoor spaces are valued as a retreat and a place to relax and recharge. They can also be ideal for entertaining, working or spending a quiet evening with the family. New landscaping and backyard design trends reflect these uses, and add features like outdoor kitchens, seating, lighting and plants that match the setting. While these features add to the beauty and functionality of outdoors spaces, they also enhance the sale value and curb appeal of the home.

Why people value the outdoors
The vast majority of people value their time outdoors, and try and create a serene retreat in their backyards. The most common backyard activities are relaxing, entertaining and gardening. Homeowners who spend a lot of time outdoors, in the range of over six hours a week, also make an effort to improve the space. This can take many forms – gardening, landscaping, adding features like outdoor fireplaces and outdoor refrigerators, seating for guests and lighting.
People who live in warmer climates can use their outdoor living spaces year round. Those who can only use outdoor spaces for just three seasons may value them all the more. In keeping with the current trend towards sustainability and ecofriendly lifestyles, many people choose to plant mostly native species in their yards. Some may also use outdoor spaces for growing food along with more conventional choices like flowers and shrubs.

The benefits of landscaping
When planning any landscape design or outdoor features, it’s important to remember that they serve both practical and decorative functions. For example, outdoor lighting can be a practical safety measure, making it easier to walk along the pathways after dark. Properly chosen lighting can also add to the aesthetic value of the garden. In fact, landscaping projects add to the value of the of the home, while also enhancing its visual appeal.
This why nearly all, or 97% of all real estate agents recommended landscaping to homeworkers, as one of the top five home improvement projects, which brings a 215% return on the investment. Especially for homeowners who are planning to sell their home, creative landscape design ideas add to the sale value of the home.

Some contemporary landscaping ideas
Contemporary landscaping design ideas reflect the ways in which homeowners use their outdoor spaces. These can be focused on entertaining or gardening, or just adding to the aesthetic value. Features like custom outdoor kitchens, seating and lighting all make it easier to entertain, whether it’s on a small scale or large. Builders can even install outdoor pizza ovens and theaters, with shelter from the sun and rain. Jacuzzis and swimming pools also extend the functionality of any outdoor space.
Gardening projects can range from growing organic vegetables to planting butterfly, bird or wildlife habitats. Bee habitats are becoming popular in an effort to slow down the decline of the species. Many people now choose to plant mostly native species of plants in their yards, in an effort to reduce the need for watering. This also cuts down on the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

Landscaping projects can serve many functions, both practical and aesthetic. Most of all, they help homeowners create a relaxing retreat, whether for themselves or to share with friends and family.

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