Dance floor rental dc,Party rental equipment,Wedding decorations rentals 4 Outdoor Wedding Supplies That You Can’t Go Without

4 Outdoor Wedding Supplies That You Can’t Go Without

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Outdoor weddings, in many ways, can edge out indoor weddings when they’re properly executed. The scenery and the costs, alone, may be enough to sway any couple into to choose to have an outdoor wedding versus and indoor one. However, when you choose an outdoor wedding, you can’t count on the venue to get all of the supplies for you. There is much more planning than one would expect to do when an outdoor venue seems more low-maintenance.

The following supplies are things you truly must not forget when you’re planning your outdoor dream wedding:

Table and chair rentals

Since most banquet halls will assume that your guests need somewhere to sit, they will likely as you up-front: How many people? How many per table?

If you’re planning on having your wedding in an outdoor space that doesn’t usually cater to large group parties, then you’re going to have to find party rental equipment for the ceremony and/or reception. You may as well just put a note on the top of your guest list to remind yourself what you’ll need to find.

Wedding Party Tent

Speaking of rentals, tent rentals are another thing you wouldn’t normally worry about if you were having an indoor wedding.

Hopefully any rain will hold off for you, but you really never know if the weather will be cooperative. One of the last things that you want is to be soaking wet on one of the most momentous days of your life.

Wedding party tents don’t have to be boring white, either. There are plenty of ways to dress it up and make it more appealing. Specialty lights, flowers, and other decorations can make your outdoor tent seem less like a carnival attraction and more romantic and classy.

Dance Floor

Don’t pretend that this isn’t necessary. Even if you’re not into the idea of a father-daughter or mother-son dance, it’d be a shame not to rent an outdoor wedding dance floor for your guests to get down on. After a couple drinks, or even if it’s just too cool outside to sit still, you and your attendees will want to move.


Assuming that your party will keep going until after sundown, you’ll need some extra lighting for ambiance as well as practicality. Light the walkway to the wedding party tent with luminarias or put string lights on small dowel rods to guide your guests. Fire pits are also good ways to provide lighting while also making sure that your guests will stay warm and cozy.

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