How Safe is Your Dating Site?

Are dating sites safe

With technology as sophisticated as it is, it would seem very reasonable to believe that we could manage to make relationships just a little bit less complicated. If you’re single and looking to find someone to spend your time with, there are certainly plenty of online platforms on which you could find that someone you’ve been searching for. At the same time, those online sites that you put your trust in might unwittingly match you up with someone who may not only be the wrong type, but dangerous as well. You might start to ask yourself, are dating sites safe?

One out of every 10 Americans use some kind of online dating site or mobile app dating service. People believe very strongly that they have a better opportunity to find someone who is right for them because they can meet so many different people and can get to know them first. Roughly 53% of Internet users subscribe to the notion that online dating can help them find a better match because of the ability the Internet sites give you to choose wisely and carefully.

Depending on whom you ask, different qualities are important when it comes to online dating. Meeting people on dating websites is never a substitute for finally meeting in person. On that first date, according to survey participants, 10% felt that education and career were most important, 14% loved a good sense of humor, 23% went for a nice smile and good looks, while 30% thought that on a first date, their new acquaintance should sport a winning personality. That first date could be a make it or break it proposition for most people. Of those surveyed, a whopping 71% of singles believe in love at first site. That’s raising the expectation bar pretty high, but then again, don’t we all indulge in fantasy once in a while?

No matter what site you decide to spend your time on, one thing has become increasingly clear about only dating–you have to have a plan for your safety first. People who are newly single or who are just beginning to try online dating rightfully want to seek out the safest dating sites. Are dating sites safe? Most of them are, but vetting them thoroughly before you dive right in couldn’t hurt.

Safe dating online gets a little bit easier when you are able to know more about your prospective date. Many new dating websites allow you to dig deeper into a person’s profile. An online dating background check, for instance, could go a long way toward helping you feel more secure about meeting someone in person for the first time. There are 54.25 million singles out there. One might be exactly right for you, but one might also be very wrong.

Anybody who is willing to become vulnerable and put themselves on the line to meet someone who might be the love of their life doesn’t need to be distracted with questions about an online dating site’s safety record. You might have many questions when first starting out in the world of online dating. Will I find someone I like right away? Should we meet right away, or should we correspond online for a while? Are dating sites safe? All of these are great questions and you probably have more. That’s ok. Don’t rush things. You want a love that will last forever. Why wouldn’t you do all you could to make that happen?

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