The Perks of Luxury Home Designs

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When it comes to luxury home designs, it isn?t just about the extras. IT?s also about having the best quality products included in your home design, and a contractor experienced in luxury home design can work with you to make sure you have the best of everything.

So what are some of your options? According to Energy Star, homes without proper weather stripping account for 30% to 40% of all heating and cooling loss. This can be avoided with high-quality double-pane windows and doors. Additionally, traditional rolled insulation has proven to not be the most efficient option. Upgrading to spray foam insulation will reduce heating costs up to 50%.

While reducing monthly utility costs may not be the top concern, many luxury home designs really look at ways to be more environmentally friendly, which includes reducing waste and energy use. Another eco-friendly option you will find in many luxury homes is convection ovens. Convection ovens use less energy and heat food 25% faster than traditional ovens.

A newly common feature in luxury home plans is a fully-wired smart system that connects all the devices, electronics, and security. You can also set it up to control lights and the thermostat. Once the wiring is set up, you can control your home from a smartphone or tablet.

Infinity pools and stone bathtubs have gained a lot of popularity as part of a luxury home design. More high-end extras include a vineyard, a custom wine cellar with tasting room, a full outdoor kitchen as part of the outdoor living space, and a personal in-home spa room.

Outdoor living spaces often include features like a wood-burning stone pizza oven, a fireplace, changing room, in-ground pool, and elaborate landscaping. When it comes to luxury homes, luxury home builders understand the outdoor space is often as important and high-end as the indoor space. Custom house models are expected to impress and inspire awe in those that visit. Outdoor living spaces are especially important in warmer areas where the outdoor space is used year-round.

Luxury home buyers typically spend over a million on their home, so there are certain expectations regarding the features and design. Another often expected feature is a guest cottage on the property, so guests can feel welcome while also having privacy. On average, guest cottages are around 1,200 square feet and feature one or two bedrooms.

Luxury house plans are all about customization. Perspective owners want a space that is tailored to their needs and their interests. This may include a music room, tennis courts, indoor pool, or any other feature that would accommodate the new owners. Take a look at some luxury home designs to see what your dream home should include.

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