Belgian eco linen sheet set,Flat sheets,Linen duvet cover How Important Sleep Really is to Your Health

How Important Sleep Really is to Your Health

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Estimates suggest that we should all receive six to eight hours of restful sleep per night, but what counts as restful sleep. Throughout every night of uninterrupted sleep we go through five stages of sleep with the most significant of which being referred to as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Studies show that REM sleep is our body’s way of processing the experiences of the day; this prepares us for whatever tomorrow may bring by categorizing and storing memories so that we may approach each day refreshed and rejuvenated. Unfortunately many Americans have difficulty falling asleep or wake up feeling exhausted; changing your sleep environment could help.

The Mattress

Rebuilding your sleep environment starts with a comfortable mattress. Box springs have a tendency to poorly distribute pressure across the body, leading to discomfort that can disrupt restful sleep. To remedy this, the sleep industry has introduced a variety of alternatives across the years like water beds, memory foam mattresses, and most recently adjustable beds. Adjustable beds are smarter than your average mattress as they can allow the user to adjust the firmness, incline, and even temperature of the bed with some models, leading to deeper, more restful sleep experiences.

The Frame

Many people consider the mattress the most important element of their sleep environment, and they would be right. Research shows that mattress frames too have an effect on the way weight is distributed across the mattress, although to a lesser degree than the mattress itself. The most important thing to consider regarding a frame is the central support: without this support mattresses will sink, causing discomfort and sleep difficulty.

The Sheet Sets

For a long time I belonged to the majority of the population that shrugged at minute details like thread count; as someone who has switched, I can tell you that there is a serious difference. Its obvious that more comfortable bed sheets could lead to a more comfortable sleep experience, yet there are specific advantages for choosing linen sheet sets over other fabrics. Many fabrics can generate a static charge from constant friction, this static electricity can jolt light sleepers out of their sleep cycle; linen cloth, unlike other materials, does not accumulate static electricity due to the flax fibers woven into the material. Those same flax fibers contribute to up to 20% more added strength on wetting; this means that not only are linens more durable and last longer than other textiles, they also become softer and more comfortable over washes. Sleep is important; the right fitted sheet sets can go a long way to ensuring that you wake up every morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Read this for more.

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