Why Clothing Donations are Needed

Veterans donations

There are 200,00 plus homeless veteran in America, which is one-third of the adult homeless population. This number is so high because most of these vets did not meet the eligibility requirements of the armed forces charities. Charities for wounded soldiers and veterans know the importance of finding help for these veterans even if it is as simple as clothing donations.
The following facts should astound people and help them realize the importance of donating to charities of wounded soldiers:
Only 15% of used clothing is donated or recycled by American.
10.5 million tons of clothing is sent to landfills per year by Americans.
70 pounds of clothing and textiles is thrown away by the average American each year.
5% of municipal waste is from textiles alone.
This shows that donations for nonprofit organizations could be receiving the 10.5 million tons of clothes per year that are discarded by Americans. That would mean a lot of homeless veterans, men, women, and children could be clothed and warm. The donation of clothing could also make a difference in helping a homeless veteran boost his/her self confidence and find a job, which would eventually mean they could find a home.
Charities for wounded soldiers and veterans see these statistics and are making changes. Donation pick-up is becoming more readily available and clothing drop off locations are increasing. Expanding awareness of this issue is another way to help the homeless population, as many do not know the severity in numbers that are homeless and go without basic needs.
A simple donation such as clothing can help a homeless veteran stay warm, clothe his/her family, boost self esteem, and find a job. Donations are being made with the at home pick-up services and increased drop-off locations, which should help the percentage of donated and recycled clothing increase. Decreasing the number of homeless veterans should be our duty as they have fought to save our country.
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