Donate used clothes,Donating clothes,Neighbors helping neighbors Give Old Clothes — and a Child — New Life

Give Old Clothes — and a Child — New Life

Donations for non profit organizations

For children in need clothing is one of the most important resources and often the least supplied. Americans throw away 68 pounds of clothing every year, but most of that clothing is in perfectly serviceable condition and could easily go to someone in need. Donating clothes is an easy, no-cost way of giving back to your community. Here are the places to look for when you want your donation to go directly to needy people in your area.


Churches will take most any type of donation, clothes especially. Church donations usually to go church members who are poor or suffering from trauma such as death of a family provider or house fire.

Clothing tends to get donated in the winter around Christmas, but people still need something to wear in warmer months. So please donate not only jackets, but also shirts, shorts, shoes, and hats to protect one’s head from the hot sun.

Community Centers

Community centers provide outreach for locals, so for children in need clothing often comes from these public servants. Community centers also ask to donate toys, books, and school supplies.

Homeless Shelters

Homeless shelters don’t only provide beds, but they also are supplied with resources via charitable donations. If you have an abundance of warm clothes and blankets come winter, this is the place where they will do the most good. Check with your local shelters to see what other types of donations they’ll accept, if you have the ability to provide.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores will take just about anything you can find and resell it at incredibly cheap prices. Thrift store donations tend to go to low-income families — or anyone who chooses to shop there. If you have a vision of helping those in poverty, homelessness, etc., thrift stores might not provide aid in the way you wish. However, depending on the association that runs your local thrift store, purchases made there may go toward other community benefits, so research which store is connected to a cause you care about, and go shopping. You never know the hidden treasure you’ll find, and you’ll indirectly be helping your community in the process.

School Drives

If you have a child of any age, their school almost certainly will have charity drives multiple times during the school year. Clothing donations are common, as are food drives. For local children in need clothing from school drives are probably the most direct ways they receive charity. These donations will go toward children in your own school district who are in dire need, and anything extra will be giving to a wider servicing community charity. This is a great opportunity to teach your own children about the importance of kindness and recognizing the effects of poverty. Older children can even be taught about the societal circumstances that have led to U.S. poverty rates and what the government is attempting to do about it.

These are just local places to look for in your own community; there are hundreds of national and international charities that help children and adults all over the world. Every bit counts, so not matter who you donate to, be sure to do your research to ensure your contribution goes directly to those who need it.

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