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New Sony Remote Control for the People, by the People

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There are more then 335 million television remote controls in the United States today. Chances are a lot of those can’t exactly be found at this exact moment. Regardless, one of the biggest names in personal electronics is currently in development of not only a new Sony remote control, but also a new way to fund such a project. Sony’s new project is designed by a small team of 6 engineers and gained support through crowdfunding. Apparently the higher-ups wanted to see if people were really interested in a new take on the all in one remote controls already available. And apparently the people did as the project hit its crowdfunding goal well before the 50 days it was allotted.

It is named the Huis Remote Controller and like many TV remote controls it boasts the ability to control much more then just your TV. DVD player, stereo, Blue-ray player, air conditioner and lights are some of the other electronics that can be programmed to this Sony remote control. This is great news for the nearly 20% of Americans who own such a device but never or rarely use it because they have lost the remote. No more having to keep track of them all. Keeping an eye on just one might make that easier.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this new Sony remote control is that it is touch-screen. Upwards of 59% of people surveyed around the world reported having touch-screen remote controls would make the experience more enjoyable. Overall the remote offers almost complete customization to allow the user ease of access to all their electronic devices with just a tap or two.

All remotes are not created equal and this new
Sony remote control is a testament to what innovative design as well as funding and promotion can do for an industry that has remained somewhat unchanged for many years.

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