Your Future Wedding Plans Made Simple

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Stumped on your new wedding plans? Don’t worry! Weddings are an extremely common occurrence in the U.S., with an average of 2.4 million weddings performed every year. If people from a wide variety of backgrounds (and thus a wide variety of interests and goals) can make it happen every single day, you can too! Whether you’re curious about catering for events or it’s a special location you’re after, a little research and careful planning goes a long way in avoiding last-minute stress and hasty decisions. Keep reading to learn about some modern trends and ideas to get you started!

What Is Everyone Else Doing?

If you’re not sure when or where you want your wedding or shower to take place, it helps to take a leaf out of the books of others’ — a whopping 53% of weddings occur in the afternoon (which makes sense, as the weather tends to be very bright and happy), 31% in the evening and 16% at night. To top it off, around 35% of weddings in the U.S. are outdoor events. It all depends on the mood you want for your special day, as well as taking into account the best qualities of the environments available to you. The best wedding places have become popular for a reason, such as Hawaii for beach lovers or Italy for art connoisseurs. Of course, not everybody can afford to leave the country for a few days, so check out the sandy beaches of California or the misty forests of Washington if you want beauty on a budget.

A Few Ideas To Get You Started

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with modern wedding plans, all that’s needed is to get started. Let’s face it: getting started is usually the hardest part! First off, it’s best to book your wedding reception site as soon as you can, as it’s best to have anywhere from nine months to a full year to save, plan and design the ins and outs of this once-in-a-lifetime event. In doing so you reduce the chances of unexpected issues and avoid last-minute panicking, which isn’t fun at all and can be a real mess! Around 48% of couples research their reception venues online and about 40% look for unusual venues that are more tailored to their personality. Good wedding places are more than just a compelling advertisement in a brochure — they’re an amalgam of all that’s special between you and your significant other. What interesting and romantic wedding plans do you have for you and your loved one?

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