Are Assisted Living Facilities Right For You?

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Assisted living facilities are for individuals that desire to lead a largely independent life but may need assistance from time to time with tasks such as doctors appointments, meal preparation, using the restroom, and maintaining a clean home. Assisted living homes allow seniors to live mostly independent lifestyles with the added support of round the clock nurses and doctors if need be.

If you are a senior and are wondering if assisted living facilities are right for you, then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel as if you need more assistance than your family and friends are able to give you? Do you feel as if your needs burden them?
  • Do you have friends or family that visit you often, and if not, does that make you feel lonely?
  • Do you feel that your safety is at risk? Do you fall easily or have limited mobility?
  • Are household chores and necessities such as cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping becoming too difficult for you, and are you losing weight as a result?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, senior citizen housing assistance may be the right decision for you.
    Once you’ve decided to enter senior citizen housing assistance, it is important to find a facility that is right for you. Here is a checklist of things to look for in an assisted living facility:

    1. Proper hygiene. Follow your nose with this one. When touring a facility, make sure it smells good, is visibly clean, and that all of the residents are kept and cleanly.
    2. Get to know the staff. A good assisted living facility should have kind, helpful staff that is willing to help and be patient with residents. If you see otherwise, see it as a red flag.
    3. Check the activity calendar. For senior citizens, assisted living facilities provide a myriad of activities and social events. Make sure the facility has events that resonate with you and your hobbies.

    It’s normal to feel apprehensive about entering assisted care. But according to statistics, almost 90% of residents rate their experience as excellent.

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