Easy Tips for Programming a Remote

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Whether your dog chewed it, your couch cushions ate it, or the device broke somehow, chances are that you will need to buy replacement remote controls at some point. However, as likely and ubiquitous as it is, this situation will likely seem extremely inconvenient, as you will now need to spend your time programming a remote. While all in one remote controls exist to make this process easier, many of these devices may not work with the equipment you are trying to control or provide the same experience. Fortunately, there are a number of easy tips for replacing and programming a remote that can simplify this task.

Check Your Old Remote for the Product Details
While this step is easier if your device has been broken or chewed, rather than lost, it can be instrumental in finding replacement remotes that you are accustomed to. Check the back of the remote for the product model number and consider searching online for those digits. If you can’t find your device or it is destroyed beyond recognition, make sure to write down your product details when you receive the new replacement remote to make this process easier in the future.

Question Compatibility
As you search for a new device, pay special attention to the different equipment it can control. Is it compatible with certain technology, like digital television? Moreover, is it compatible for your lifestyle? For example, a basic battery-powered remote is a great, simple option for many people, but some may not like frequently replacing the batteries.

Look for the TV Remote Codes
Once you have your remote, you can begin the programming process. When programming a remote, you should begin by looking for the television remote control codes, which allows the device to interface properly with your equipment. This code can easily be found online, in the device’s instruction manual, or even on the device itself. Once you have this data, enter the codes into your television one at a time, making sure not to rush to reduce the chance of a mistake. Once the codes are entered, test the control features to make sure the interface is working properly.

Store Programmed Information
If possible, you should also program your remote to store information like channel presets to make things simpler in the future. This information should be available in your remote’s instruction manual. Once this step has been taken, make sure to check the programmed data to make sure the device is working properly.

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