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Hide-and-Seek — The Official Game of the TV Remote

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You’ve lost your TV remote for the umpteenth time and cannot, absolutely cannot figure out where the darn thing went. You may have already checked some (or all) of these places, or you may read this list and just laugh, but hey — TV remote controls tend to end up in the weirdest places, and it’s worth doing an extra check just to make sure.

1. The refrigerator. You’re opening the fridge door as you turn up the volume on the weather channel in the morning, and somewhere in between pouring orange juice on your cereal and trying to put your socks on after you’ve put your shoes on, the TV remote ends up in the fridge. Mornings are rough, and TV remotes know it. They know that you’re at your weakest, and they’ll slip by if you’re not careful.

2. Inside the couch. Okay, maybe not inside inside, but based on the number of couch cushions you have to sift through to find the remote, it may as well be digging a hole to the other end of the earth.

3. Outside in the pouring rain. Because why wouldn’t a TV remote be in that spot? Apparently your cat decided for the first time, ever, that he wanted a new chew toy (since when do cats like chew toys, anyways?) and decided to sneak out of the apartment with the remote in tow. Or at least, that’s your theory, based on the bite marks and the five random missing buttons.

Most times, your remote is capable of being found and being brought back to life. Sometimes, though, television remote controls just end up outside in the rain (or somewhere equally as baffling and destructive) and there’s just no hope.

Fortunately, it is possible to find a TV remote replacement these days — and since nearly every TV “conveniently” comes without any buttons on it, and requires the presence of a remote to control it, finding replacement remote controls isn’t just something you’ll do when you’re bored at 3 a.m. and can’t sleep. Finding a place that sells replacement remote controls is actually imperative if you ever plan on using your TV again.

So when your current TV remotes decide to play a fun little game of hide-and-seek and you just can’t figure out where they are, find comfort in knowing that replacement TV remotes are available. To learn more, read this.

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