How to Clean a Loft Apartment in a Pinch

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With the holiday upon us, it’s likely you’ll have family and friends over for get-togethers, parties, and holiday feasts. While all of this sounds exciting, there’s still a the task of getting your luxury apartment rental or loft in tip top shape for company. Yikes.

Many people choose to rent lofts and apartments due to their affordable pricing, convenience, stylish interiors, and unmatched amenities. While cleaning may seem like an arduous task, clean lofts and apartments is far easier and faster than cleaning a home from top to bottom.

A loft apartment, as with many new luxury apartments, boast open floor plans that allow tenants to enjoy a spacious, airy feel. This makes cleaning a cinch. Lofts for rent typically have polished concrete or hardwood flooring, with small amounts of carpeting, which makes cleaning the floors faster than ever.

Start by cleaning the rooms you know will get the most use, such as the bathroom and kitchen. In the bathroom, kill — or clean — two birds with one stone by letting cleaning product soak into your toilet bowl or tub while moving onto other tasks. Many modern cleaning products are powerful enough to not require any scrubbing. Only a good soak is necessary. While the toilet and tub are marinating, use multi-surface, antibacterial wipes to wipe down all hard surfaces, including mirrors. Use a disposable mop head to wipe the floor, and rinse your tub and toilet bowl clean.

The same can be done for the kitchen. Load your dishwasher and run a short cycle. This will allow you to do more loads in a shorter amount of time. While the dishwasher is running, wipe all surfaces down with multi-surface, antibacterial wipes and be sure throw away any old or spoiled food. You’ll need the room for leftovers! A disposal mop head can be used to clean the floor.

Lofts and apartments offer tenants plenty of benefits, and easy cleaning is just one of them! Find more.

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