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Tips for Replacing a Lost Remote Control

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Modern-day television viewers in America use as many as 335 million TV remote controls, shaking out to about three TV remotes per household. That’s not even counting remotes for other devices like stereo, Blu-ray, DVR and DVD player remotes. The American TV-watching public is practically drowning in remotes, but somehow, the right remote still seems to never be around when you need it.

The average American will spend two weeks of their life scouring their home for a remote that’s been lost to the couch, the garbage can, or the clutter on the coffee table.

Unfortunately, as remotes become sleeker and easier to lose, they’re only becoming more important to proper device operation. Plenty of modern televisions are only equipped with the most basic buttons, and some TVs can’t even be turned on without a remote control. Blu-ray and DVD players are even worse in this department. Plenty of these devices won’t work at all if you don’t have a remote.

So what can you do if that remote just doesn’t turn up?

All in one remote controls that require universal remote codes to connect to your device may seem like an easy solution to your problem, but they actually make pretty poor replacement TV remotes. Most only come with the most basic functions, so you won’t be able to access all the features of your device.

If you go with a cheap universal remote, you may even find yourself with a device you have to program every time you use it. This can be even more frustrating than not having a remote at all.

You’re usually much better off buying replacement tv remotes made by the original manufacturer. You can use the model on the back of your corresponding device to order the right remote from a third-party seller. Replacement TV remotes are identical to the ones you lost, and though they do need to be programmed, you’ll be back to channel-surfing normally in no time.



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