Places and Spaces For Wedding Ceremonies

Corporate event planning ideas

Your wedding is your special day to share your love and declare your commitment to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with in front of all of your family and friends. There are many things to consider when making your wedding plans, from traditional wedding ceremony places like a church or synagogue or banquet hall to non traditional wedding ceremony places like outdoor wedding places at the park, beach, or woods. A big benefit of a banquet hall rental is that its a designated and controlled space that provides privacy for your guests and often have the option for indoor and outdoor usage. Many event venues can be tailored specially to your liking for your special day from the smallest details to the biggest decor pieces. Although every wedding is special and unique, here are a few interesting facts about the multi billion dollar wedding industry in the United States.

  • Three out of four first time brides are proposed to with a diamond ring as a gesture of commitment
  • The typical length of an engagement is about a year and a half, giving the couple time to prepare and plan for the wedding
  • The most popular time of year for weddings is spring, with the most weddings occurring in June each year
  • Purple, or a variation of purple such as plum, violet, or lavender is used in 20% of weddings as an accent color or even a main theme with bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suit accents
  • About one in ten wedding ceremonies or receptions is held outdoors
  • Abut one in four weddings has a theme carefully selected by the couple

Your wedding is a reflection of the unique love you share with your significant other and should represent what matters most to you. Whether thats a large festive party with everyone you know or a small intimate gathering of your closest family and friends, the memories of your wedding day will last a lifetime. Get more here.

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