5 Great Custom Wine Rack and Cellar Ideas

Custom wood cabinets

If you and your family are looking to add something unique to your home, consider custom wine racks and cellars. Wine racks are a great way to fill up an awkward space in your kitchen or can be the star feature of your basement. However, to get the sleek and sophisticated look you want, it is recommended that you hire a professional.

Why hire a professional?
A hired professional will be able to build the custom wine racks and cellars that go best with your home’s interior theme. For example, if your home is filled with warm colors, they may suggest custom wood cabinets for your wine rack and cellar instead of stainless steel.

There are plenty of custom wood options to choose from (oak, pine, cherry, etc.) and each type of wood offers other unique features such as grain pattern. If you decide you want the wine rack in your kitchen, a professional will also be able to match the new addition to your custom kitchen cabinets, or update your cabinets to match the wine rack.

About custom cabinets: A cabinet can be installed either as a build-in amenity or free-standing. A built-in cabinet comes custom made for the room you want it in. For example, if you have an awkward-shaped corner you’d like to fill in, a custom cabinet is needed to fit into place.

Cabinets usually have at least one compartment, which can be open shelving or closed. Depending on how you want to display your wine, you will need to decide which option to prefer. There are also short or long cabinets; short cabinets usually have a finished surface on the top that is used for displaying objects (such as wine or wine glasses) or as a working surface.

Examples of custom wine racks and cellars

  1. Small and to the point: If you have no room in your basement, opt for a small bar installation in your kitchen that features a see-through glass door to display your wines while choosing floating glass shelves for your wine glasses.
  2. Space saver option: Redo your basement staircase an install a cellar underneath instead. Stack the wines horizontally so your guests can read each label clearly. Adding a backlight creates a professional wine room effect.
  3. Cool stonework: Take the word “cellar” literally and have a room build of stone in order to keep your red wine stored at the optimal cool temperature. Many home owners will often add custom wood home bars in their cellar room for tasting parties.
  4. Reuse, recycle: It’s all about being thrifty yet still classy these days. Find old wine barrels and reuse them as a place to house your wine in. The best custom wood cabinets cost a pretty penny, but opting for recycled wine barrels will save you some cash.
  5. Secret hideaway: Everyone wants that secluded little wine room in order to escape for a while. Add an entire wine room in the basement to store all your wines and add a small cafe table for two.

When it comes to custom wine racks and cellars, the design options are limited only by the amount of wine you have (but there’s an excuse to buy more). Ger more information on this topic here.

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