Fancy room dividers,Shoji screen,Shoji screen room dividers Custom Spaces Created with Fancy Room Dividers

Custom Spaces Created with Fancy Room Dividers

Japanese sliding door

Looking for how to divide a room without a wall? Whether you are an interior designer or decorating your own home, fancy room dividers offer a solution. Fancy room dividers, or shoji screens, were first seen used in Japanese homes in the sixteenth century. But, now shoji screen room dividers are being seen in more Western home and office interior design. Shoji screens provide a unique way to divide a room while adding an international element to the design of a space.

Japanese screens provide many options as fancy room dividers when making decorating choices. When using fancy room dividers, the homeowner can divide the room in any way they choose. Fancy room dividers are more cost effective than adding a wall and come in a variety of materials, such as rice paper, wood, and vinyl. Custom shoji screens allow the designer or homeowner to match the other elements of the room giving the space a more cohesive appearance. When designing Shoji screens, the patterns can include geometric shapes and designs to decorate the screens and specific dimensions can be used to construct fancy room dividers that will fit particular areas or spaces.

Fancy room dividers are the perfect choice when it comes to room divider ideas for studio apartments. With their portability and versatility, shoji screens offer apartment dwellers a stylish way to customize their space without making permanent changes to the room. Whether using the screen as a way to divide a room, create the illusion of a headboard, or add visual interest to a space, fancy room dividers can be used to decorate one place and then be moved to another apartment or home in the future.

When made of rice or other thin paper, fancy room dividers diffuse light through them. Harsh lamp lighting or sunlight streaming through a window can be softened by the proper placement of a shoji screen. This can be helpful in certain office settings or in areas where window shades are not an option. Shoji panels may also be used as doors to cover an area without having to build a frame or permanently enclose an area. When built as sliding doors, shoji screens can be used to cover existing closets or to provide an alternative to sliding glass doors in the proper setting.

Coming up with wall divider ideas that do not involve building actual walls can be a challenge to a decorator. Fancy room dividers are the perfect solution to consider. More like this blog:

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