FAQs for First Time Home Buyers

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Different people approach new home buying in different ways, even among experienced buyers. Some people shop by features and amenities, and some shop by basic structure, hoping to improve or customize it themselves as time goes on. Some people see the house itself as the top priority, and some are willing to sacrifice a little bit of inside perfection for a great neighborhood. If you’re looking to buy your first new home, here are a few of the questions you’re probably asking yourself.

“When should I consider buying my first home?”
Timeframe can be a big concern to first-time buyers, especially when they hear about the fluctuations in the housing market. No one wants to miss out on a great deal, but if your personal finances simply aren’t in order yet, even the best deal can saddle you with more debt than you can handle. Know your budget like the back of your hand, and be sure to include some of the extra costs into the equation when you start budgeting for your mortgage payment — things like property taxes, association fees, and utilities like sewer, water, and garbage (which renters don’t usually deal with) can come as a shock if you’re not expecting them.

“Do I really need help buying my first home?”
You might try to find a new home by driving around a neighborhood you like, and so you might have already seen the “for sale by owner” signs in front of houses. These sellers are working without an agent, and while that may be a tempting prospect, the complexity of the process for how to buy a new home can be overwhelming for first-time buyers. An agent can walk you through the process, making sure everything is handled professionally and promptly, so you can focus more on the search and less on the details.

“How long should I expect to wait between buying my first home and selling it?”
If you’re looking for new homes to buy just to fix them up and sell them again for a profit (also called “flipping), then you need to have an intricate understanding of the housing market in your area, so you know if people are actually buying homes at a pace that would justify your investment. If the market is a little more sluggish, you should be ready to occupy your home for a few years at the very least — so make sure the modifications you make are ones you can live with and enjoy as well.

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